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Sage boosts memory and sharpens focus

Long-lost Roman Empire secret CONQUERS ‘senior moments’

They say when you grow older… you get wiser.

Well, let’s hope you’ve wised up already, especially if you’re of a certain age.

Because the sad truth is that mainstream medicine has got ZILCH to offer you when it comes to age-related cognitive deficits.

And if you’ve already experienced a “brain burp” or two… you know what could be coming down the pike.

You don’t have to just sit back and let your precious memories slip away…

There IS something out there – something that can ease the toll that age takes on your brain.

It’s an herb that’s been used for CENTURIES to improve mental performancealertnessattention… and memory.

It could even help RESTORE your lost mental function!

I guarantee you’ve tasted it before…

But no one has EVER told you how to use it the right way to beat back memory loss and lack of focus.

An herbal victory amid pharma FAILS

There are hundreds of species of the kitchen spice sage that grow throughout the world.

They’re all known by the name “Salvia”… which comes from the Latin word “salvere ,” meaning “to heal.”

And that’s EXACTLY what sage can do for your brain… and your failing memory.

It can make it HEALTHY!

Even the ancient Greeks and Romans  knew that.

Two of the biggest standouts known for their cognition-stimulating properties are common sage (Salvia officinalis) and Spanish sage (Salvia lavandulaefolia), both native to the Mediterranean region.

Most of the available research on sage focuses on one of these species – or, in many cases, both.

And how they can help you stay sharp as a tack will SHOCK you…

Because you won’t hear A WORD about it in the mainstream media!

Sage helps you keep your status as the sharpest knife in the drawer – and its secret is how it ENHANCES your brain’s supply of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

That’s important because folks with Alzheimer’s are known to show an acetylcholine deficit!

It accomplishes this by inhibiting the activity of an enzyme called acetyl cholinesterase (AChE ).

Big Pharma is spending TONS of dough on developing AChE inhibitors – a.k.a. drugs that do EXACTLY that.

Only every pharma giant that’s tried… has FAILED every attempt!

Sage, on the other hand, has stepped up to the plate time and again when it comes to improving…

  • attention
  • problem-solving
  • information processing
  • memory speed
  • mood

And according to a 2017 review , you could see SIGNIFICANT improvements in as little as 6 weeks.

That same review found that just A SINGLE DOSE of sage could make a difference in your cognitive function AND mood!

This isn’t just for older folks who’ve already started losing their marbles…

Sage can boost memory and mental performance while you’re still YOUNG and SHARP!

Scientists have identified over 160 antioxidant compounds known as polyphenols in sage – including a particularly potent one, rosmarinic acid.

This phenolic acid is well-established for its neuroprotective properties.

For instance, it can help SHIELD your brain from toxicity  caused by those “plaques and tangles” you hear about (a.k.a. beta-amyloid proteins).

But sage also brings something else to the table – something HUGE for your brain health.

It lowers blood sugar… and acts like insulin in your body.

This is CRITICAL for preserving your memory, as Alzheimer’s has been definitively linked to excess blood sugar!

In fact, some experts have taken to calling Alzheimer’s “type 3 diabetes.”

But sage can help you STOP worrying about how sugar can chip away at your memory and sharpness…

Because in a 2013 study out of Iran , common sage leaf extract helped diabetes patients lower their fasting blood sugar and HbA1c (or average blood sugar over time).

And the results were SIGNIFICANT by the end of the 3-month trial.

In fact, common sage tea was shown in one animal study to be as effective as the blood sugar-lowering drug metformin !

But you can rest assured that sage has exhibited ZERO adverse effects in studies conducted.

You can take sage extract as a supplement in capsule form… or drink it as a tea.

Research shows that ingesting it is more effective in boosting cognition than just inhaling it as aromatherapy.

To healing your brain health,

Melissa Young