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A ‘dangerous delusion’ about your privacy

When you’re watching those commercials that urge you to discover your roots through DNA testing, it all sure sounds interesting. Why, people are finding new relatives… learning the truth about where they came from… and gaining whole new appreciation for their family trees. But that’s not all — you can now even find out if […] Read

Why is this cancer-causing chemical in pet food?

Despite how much we worry and fuss over our four-legged family members, the number of dogs and cats with diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, or cancer is rising every year. Diabetes, for example, has increased in dogs by a whopping 79 percent over the last decade, and cats have become almost 20 percent more likely […] Read

The ‘cure’ for diabetes may be right in front of you

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials that describe how one type 2 drug activates what’s already inside of your body to fight diabetes. Now imagine that one of those commercials shows a patient holding up a spear of broccoli or waving some asparagus around, instead! Well, considering what a group of international researchers just published […] Read

A-fib? Expert warns to watch out for the ‘Watchman’

If you have a-fib, more likely than not, you’ve been told by your doctor to take a blood thinner in order to prevent a stroke. Now, however, you may be hearing about another way – one that will allow you to ditch the drugs with a device called the Watchman. But one prominent cardiologist who […] Read

Could a low-salt diet be the gateway to dementia?

For as long as I can remember, the low-sodium myth has been hammered into our heads by the feds, mainstream researchers, and even (I’m sure!) your own doctor. So, by this point you know their familiar refrain — if you don’t carefully restrict your salt intake you’re risking dire consequences such as high blood pressure, […] Read

How to keep back pain from stealing your mobility

Sometimes it strikes from out of the blue, or maybe it’s more of a nagging pain that makes getting comfortable impossible. No matter how it hits you… if you’ve ever suffered from back pain, you’ve got a lot of company! A new study has found that back pain is a problem for around 50 percent […] Read

The 4 questions you need to ask before taking any med

Will the FDA-approved drug you’re taking today be found too dangerous to take tomorrow? That’s the frightening surprise a lot of multiple sclerosis patients got last week when the fairly new med Zinbryta, prescribed for relapsing MS, got pulled from the market after reports of brain inflammation could no longer be ignored. Sure, that injectable […] Read

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