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The surprising health hazard right in your kitchen

Clean drinking water is something to worry about in Calcutta, not Chicago… right? Unfortunately, it turns out that locales big and small all over the U.S. are serving up contaminated water to their citizens. It’s almost too unbelievable to imagine that in this day and age, we have to worry about the safety of what’s […] Read

Stop throwing away those egg yolks!

Let’s get something straight here: An egg isn’t half good and half bad. And anyone telling you to eat the whites and toss the yolks has a crack in his shell! Each part is packed with healthy nutrients and essential minerals. More importantly, the egg – the COMPLETE egg – is loaded with something else […] Read

Expecting a cure from Big Pharma? Don’t hold your breath

While the best minds in the world have been able to get a man to the moon and back, see our exact locations via GPS device, create a TV as thin as a matchbook cover, and make robots a reality, certain discoveries have remained elusive. A cure for cancer is one. And what about heart […] Read

What you need to know before any surgical procedure

It’s the surgical complication that doctors have known about for over 60 years… yet somehow kept a deep, dark secret. That’s why you’ve probably never heard about postoperative cognitive dysfunction (or POCD). Even if a loved one appears confused and forgetful in the weeks or months after an operation, you might never put two and […] Read

Mysterious deaths bring more questions than answers

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, Jeana Beck, and most recently Mila de Mier share a bizarre and deadly connection: All three died under the most mysterious of circumstances. Bradstreet was a holistic practitioner who openly questioned the link between vaccines and autism. Beck was the founder of the group Unlocking Autism, and de Mier had been protesting […] Read

The shocking ‘cure’ for Parkinson’s disease

When it comes to Parkinson’s disease, there currently isn’t a cure… or even a definitive test your doctor can use to diagnose it. Typically, it’s enough to confirm a diagnosis if a patient has at least 3 of 4 major symptoms: tremors during rest, a slowing of movements, stiffness in arms and legs, and slow […] Read

Don’t kill yourself trying to stop smoking

You know you’ve got a risky drug on your hands when the best that experts can say is that it’s safer than smoking! The Chantix story is a familiar refrain of desperate drugmakers attempting to clean up the image of an extremely risky pharmaceutical, hoping that we’ll all forget about the horror stories associated with […] Read

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