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Want to stay healthy? Eat these ‘superfoods’ every day

If you’re still following that debunked, nonsensical advice about fat and calories, you’re probably missing out on one of the most nutrition-packed foods out there. It’s the humble nut — and I’m talking about all kinds, from pistachios to peanuts to walnuts. So, it’s time to stop feeling like you’re indulging in some kind of […] Read

How to keep your pets safe from holiday-table hazards

Happy Thanksgiving! I know that today will be a whirlwind as you get ready to celebrate with family and friends. But there are some family members you may not be thinking about — until, that is, your fuzzy friend starts poking you with a cold nose or giving you those irresistible puppy dog eyes! That’s […] Read

Our medical privacy rights just took a giant step backwards

Quietly, almost secretively, Big Pharma has been setting the stage to track your every move. It started in cahoots with the FDA over five years ago, when the agency OK’d a sensor chip that pharmacies can place inside of a drug or anything else you can swallow. As small as a grain of sand and […] Read

Are you being poisoned by that favorite mug or glass?

It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without setting the table with those beautiful drinking goblets Aunt Mary gave you. But those glasses — along with any others that contain decorative designs, especially around the rim — may be slowly poisoning you and your family. A new study from researchers in the UK has found that the […] Read

Steer clear of these top 3 Turkey Day timesavers

We’re on the final countdown to the big day, when our family and dear friends will gather around the Thanksgiving feast. If you’re the one manning mission control (a.k.a. the kitchen), good luck! It’s not an easy task, no matter how many years you’ve been doing it. You have to provide so many different (and […] Read

Don’t be hoodwinked by the ‘new’ hypertension hype

Were you one of the over 30 million Americans who woke up one day last week to find that you’d suddenly developed high blood pressure… overnight? You didn’t even have to go see your doctor to get that news — you just turned on the TV! It was one of those “big” medical stories covered […] Read

Make your home the one space that’s safe from this stealth menace

Over the past two decades, an invisible threat to our health has invaded our homes, workplaces, schools, and even restaurants. I’m talking about Wi-Fi, the technology that wirelessly connects our computers, smartphones, TVs, and anything else that can go “online.” If you remember the early days of computers, you needed to literally plug one in […] Read

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