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Type 2? The cancer risk you won’t hear from your doc

When it comes to selling its drugs, it doesn’t look like any devious plan is off limits for Big Pharma. The most recent exposé concerns Novo Nordisk and how the drugmaker schemed to make its blockbuster type 2 med a bestseller despite its link to thyroid cancer. The Justice Department filed a complaint to take […] Read

Are all those medical tests and drugs really necessary?

According to a just-out report, there’s a really good chance that, at some point in your life, you’ve taken unnecessary drugs… submitted to tests that weren’t required… or undergone a procedure that you didn’t need. We’ve been telling you for some time now that loads of unnecessary drugs and medical procedures are being ordered every […] Read

Despite pharma-funded study, statins still risky as ever

I’m not sure that Dr. Kausik Ray has ever met a person he doesn’t think should start up on a statin immediately! This professor at the Imperial College London has just come out with his latest study, which is aimed at healthy guys (and gals) with elevated cholesterol who don’t have heart disease. According to […] Read

Dangerous RA drug on fast track to approval

When it comes to drugs for rheumatoid arthritis, it looks like there’s no risk the FDA considers too big for you to take. Life-threatening infections, tuberculosis, liver damage, cancer — it’s all acceptable, expected, and part and parcel of the RA drug package. Then, there are the especially scary RA meds known as JAK inhibitors. […] Read

The most frightening news yet on the dangers of aspirin

For years now, you’ve been hearing glowing reports about how a daily aspirin can significantly cut your risk of cancer — especially colon cancer. Unfortunately, however, it’s a lot more complicated than we were led to believe. And, based on flimsy evidence, millions may have started up on a habit that could end up killing […] Read

Don’t be fooled into becoming a victim of this dangerous med

It’s a spin-off from one of the most deceptively presented studies to come along in quite a while. And if you suffer from the pain of arthritis, you’re at risk of being directed to start popping an extremely risky pill — all in the name of keeping your blood pressure down. But before you follow […] Read

What’s the real reason behind Coke's Sweetener Challenge?

It’s the biggest cola marketing campaign since “The Pepsi Challenge.” The Coca-Cola Company is running a contest to find a new sugar-free, non-caloric sweetener — and it’s giving away a cool million to the winner. But that begs the question: Why? While only true Coke insiders know what the real story is behind its “Sweetener […] Read

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