1 Sign You'll Die Early

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Might what you just bought be fatally flawed?

It’s something you might not hear about until it’s too late — a product recall. Be it dishes, that cute bracelet you got for your little granddaughter, an infant car seat, or even your car itself, recalls go on constantly. And often, we’re the last to know! Certainly, where our kids and grandkids are concerned, […] Read

How to protect yourself from an invisible menace

You can’t see it, and you can’t feel it. But you might even say that this invisible, daily danger is the biggest ongoing threat you’ve ever faced. And yet, the feds seem to continue to look the other way while this silent menace becomes worse every day. All of which makes this hazard something you […] Read

How relying on the system can jeopardize your life

Dear Reader, If you’re taking more than one drug — prescription or OTC — you’re playing with fire. Believe it or not, suffering a fatal drug interaction is the fourth-leading cause of death in the U.S. And whenever you pick up an Rx at the pharmacy these days, studies have found that you’re probably not […] Read

Is this the end of ‘old-fashioned’ medicine?

Seeing Dr. Anna Konopka is like taking a step back in time. She doesn’t have a big waiting room with a television… a receptionist answering the phone… or a computer in the exam room. In fact, Dr. Konopka doesn’t use a computer at all. She spends office visits actually looking at her patients — not […] Read

FDA issues long-overdue alert on popular gout med

It’s an urgent warning that took the FDA years to issue… and it’s not done yet! From the start — practically a decade ago during clinical trials — it was quite obvious that the gout med Uloric was linked to heart attacks, strokes, and other “heart-related” deaths. But the FDA went ahead and approved it […] Read

Is something in the air robbing you of sleep?

Tossing and turning at night? If you were to believe the commercials you hear on the radio and TV, you’d think your bed was to blame… and that all you need is a new one! In fact, Americans spend a fortune trying to get a good night’s sleep! Studies put yearly expenditures on mattresses in […] Read

Don’t let your doctor start you up on this risky painkiller

It’s the incredibly risky drug given out like candy canes to people suffering from back and shoulder pain, injuries, and even toothaches. Your doctor may tell you it’s safe or even non-addictive. But for the untold number of patients who have been unable to quit the synthetic opioid tramadol without terrible withdrawal symptoms… who have […] Read

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