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Cover-up! What your doc ISN’T telling you about your high blood pressure

I thought the Cold War ended 25 years ago! But we’re surrounded by tight-lipped spies EVERYWHERE – and lots of them are wearing white coats and stethoscopes. If you have high blood pressure, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. I bet your doctor has NEVER given you a good reason why your blood pressure […] Read

Massive breast cancer COVER-UP could kill you

Our government would rather see you die than admit they screwed up. And I wish I was kidding… but the Food and Drug Administration just made its position very, very clear. A new study has just exposed shocking — and even DEADLY — risks with silicone breast implants. These are the same implants being given […] Read

Breakthrough could REVERSE brain aging (Try it for yourself!)

Is there anything more humiliating than “freezing” in the middle of a conversation while you search for the right word? Or maybe forgetting the name of the person you’re talking to? When your brain falls “asleep at the wheel,” it’s frustrating… and frightening. But those “senior moments” don’t mean that it’s time to throw in […] Read

[Alert] Don’t fall for this latest migraine drug SCAM

How much would one day without migraines be worth to you? And be very careful how you answer that question – because Big Pharma is listening. The Food and Drug Administration has just approved a new migraine “prevention” drug that will practically EMPTY your bank account. And when you hear how poorly it works… how […] Read

Underground cure HEALS chemo’s “hidden” side effect

Being diagnosed with cancer feels like the most horrible thing that can happen to you. Then chemotherapy starts… and you learn that things can get much, much worse. It’s not just the weakness… or the constant throwing up… or even your hair falling out by the handful. There’s another agonizing chemo side effect that most […] Read

BLACKLISTED: Cancer-killing combo will put your oncologist out of business

You’ve been diagnosed with cancer. And you’ve never needed your doc more. But conventional docs across the country are failing their cancer patients. Too many people we love AREN’T surviving their cancer. They’re not living LONGER… and they’re not living BETTER. America is losing the cancer battle. But we should be winning it — because […] Read

Crazy FDA crackdown leaves arthritis sufferers in AGONY

It may be the most INSANE thing the Food and Drug Administration has ever done. And, boy, oh, boy, that’s saying something… I don’t need to tell you that the way mainstream medicine treats arthritis is a JOKE. They either cut you open for a joint replacement… or stick you on dangerous pain meds that […] Read

“I was facing advanced prostate cancer that had spread up to my lymph nodes... I was able to beat my metastatic cancer. That was six years ago… and today, I'm still going strong. Thanks to you!”- Vernon S., Jacksonville, FL

“I was scheduled for cataract surgery, but learned of [the all-natural eye drops] through HSI. I saw improvement that was so dramatic... the surgeon put off my surgery…”- Margaret D., Sioux Falls, SD

“I will soon be 97 years old… THANK YOU SO MUCH, HSI!”- Bonnie H., Hudson, NY