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A miracle cure for the flu? Don’t believe it!

“New pill kills the flu virus in 24 hours”… “Flu gone in a day”… Last week, it seemed as if headlines like those were everywhere I looked. ABC World News covered the story for three nights in a row! And there was one common thread running through all of these glowing news reports: They don’t […] Read

Urgent: What you need to know before an endoscopy

You may remember the shocking health crisis that was splashed across the news: Contaminated endoscopes resulted in untold numbers of patients being infected with a potentially deadly superbug. That was three years ago — and two Congressional investigations later, there’s still no accurate reporting as to how many may have died. Names crop up now […] Read

Is a loved one being drugged -- could you be next?

There are places where people are drugged out of their minds with antipsychotics, places where they’re unable to talk or even think – essentially put into “chemical restraints” so that they’re easier to handle. You might think that I’m talking about psych wards or detention centers in Third-World countries, but I’m not. These horrific “treatments” […] Read

Big Pharma’s latest guinea pigs – kids with autism

If there’s one thing Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know, it’s how little it really knows about the drugs it puts on the market. You’ll hear drugmakers talk about the meds they unleash on us as if they understand precisely how — and why — they work. But nothing could be further from the […] Read

Lose belly fat by eating like your ancestors did

There are balloons that inflate in your stomach, devices that allow you to vomit “on demand,” risky surgical procedures, and dangerous pills — all approved by the FDA and all for losing weight. But a new study finds that the most effective way to shed those unwanted pounds, especially if you’re a woman of a […] Read

How about a Valentine’s Day tonic for your heart?

Whatever big Valentine’s Day surprise you’ve got planned for your better half (you did remember it’s today, didn’t you?), there’s one small gift you can still add that may be the most important one of all. And it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away at your nearest supermarket. No, it’s not a big […] Read

These poisons are killing more than just bugs

Dear Reader, Seeing any kinds of creepy crawlers in your home is enough to make you want to call in the “big guns” to get rid of them ASAP! But before you head out to the hardware or home-supply store to pick up a chemical to zap them with, know this: Thousands of Americans are […] Read

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