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These common Rx meds can open the door to dementia

You would think that, by now, giving benzodiazepines (or “benzos”) to seniors would be a thing of the past. We know that these kinds of drugs can increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s by a whopping 84 percent. And we know that taking them can double your risk of a car crash or falling and […] Read

Sharp as a tack? You could still wind up on an Alzheimer’s med

Remember this date: February 15, 2018. That’s when FDA head honcho Scott Gottlieb proposed that drugmakers won’t have to show that any med sent to the FDA for approval to treat Alzheimer’s disease actually does anything to help patients. His new guidelines would also allow those drugs to be given to people of sound mind […] Read

Are these popular drugs behind the rise in kidney stones?

It’s described as “unforgettable agony” or even “male childbirth.” And if you’ve ever had a kidney stone on the move, you don’t need me to tell you about the excruciating pain! You’d do anything to avoid another one… and if you’ve been lucky enough to dodge this agonizing ailment so far, it’s definitely not something […] Read

Should you be worried about that hit to your head?

We certainly take head injuries a lot more seriously now than we did in the past. Even the toughest NFL players have head-injury protocols that they have to follow. So, if you do hit your head due to a slip, fall, or any other kind of conk, you’re no longer expected to just “walk it […] Read

Is this killer drug in your pet’s food?

We have Talula the pug to thank for a new investigation – one that will ultimately protect a lot of other pugs, as well as poodles, Pomeranians, and dogs of all breeds. Talula was one of five beloved pups owned by Nikki Mael who were all stricken a little over a year ago after sharing […] Read

A miracle cure for the flu? Don’t believe it!

“New pill kills the flu virus in 24 hours”… “Flu gone in a day”… Last week, it seemed as if headlines like those were everywhere I looked. ABC World News covered the story for three nights in a row! And there was one common thread running through all of these glowing news reports: They don’t […] Read

New headlines are a red herring for cellphone cancer risk

If there were ever a perfect example of putting the cart before the horse… it would be where cellphones are concerned. Do they cause brain tumors and other kinds of cancers? Are they safe to hold up against your head? What about kids — should they be allowed to use them? These are questions that […] Read

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