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Breathe BETTER with this crazy Christmas tree trick [’Tis the season!]

It’s that time of year… When you get a cough that sticks with you… and REFUSES to leave until the weather warms up. In fact, your entire respiratory tract can take a hit this time of year… especially if you’re buried in snow. Fortunately, there’s a natural cure for pulmonary problems and other breathing issues […] Read

Skin suffering? Make a CLEAN SWEEP with this Jurassic ‘living fossil’

If you were like most teenagers going through puberty, your “awkward phase” consisted of more than a few pimples… And skin that seemed like it would NEVER get clear. If there’s one good reason not to want to turn back the clock… and return to your youthful days… that would be it. But many older […] Read

Could this ‘oxygen trick’ REVOLUTIONIZE diabetes care?

When you’ve got type 2 diabetes, you’re not just worried about losing control over your blood sugar levels. You’ve got to consider the risk of losing something much more tangible. I’m talking a toe… a foot… or even a leg. Because diabetes can cause a MYRIAD of devastating and debilitating problems with your circulation… nerves… […] Read

Weird white powder UNLOCKS the power to age gracefully? [Crazy… but TRUE!]

Your bones are BRITTLE… your hair and nails aren’t as STRONG as they used to be… and your skin is DRYING OUT. It happens to us all as we get older. But we DON’T just have to “get used to it”… Because there’s a detoxifying agent that can ERADICATE free radicals… and SLAM THE BRAKES […] Read

This trick could REWIND aging… by potentially helping keep your cells young!

Your mind isn’t as SHARP as it used to be… your energy is SAPPED… And your numbers aren’t enough to keep your doc from NAGGING you. But don’t despair… Because you may FEEL like you’ve “gotten old”… but you could RECLAIM the youthful energy and sharp mind you had years ago! Imagine being able to […] Read

Did Russians keep this Cold War-era cancer cure all to themselves?

America is losing the cancer battle. This dreaded disease is getting the better of too many patients. People we know and love AREN’T living longer… and they’re NOT living better, either. Why? Because conventional oncologists in this country are FAILING their patients. And you could be next. The crazy thing is that we SHOULD be […] Read

[Whistleblower alert] Frankenfood EXPOSED as toxic to you… and your DNA!

I’ve been saying for YEARS that Big Food scientists have NO IDEA what they’re UNLEASHING with GMO products. And now a GMO insider has finally blown the whistle… and confirmed that we’re right to be SCARED. A respected food engineer has sounded a MAJOR alarm specifically about GMO potatoes… Because there are at least two […] Read

“I was facing advanced prostate cancer that had spread up to my lymph nodes... I was able to beat my metastatic cancer. That was six years ago… and today, I'm still going strong. Thanks to you!”- Vernon S., Jacksonville, FL

“I was scheduled for cataract surgery, but learned of [the all-natural eye drops] through HSI. I saw improvement that was so dramatic... the surgeon put off my surgery…”- Margaret D., Sioux Falls, SD

“I will soon be 97 years old… THANK YOU SO MUCH, HSI!”- Bonnie H., Hudson, NY