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Hit the ‘RESET’ button to get BRAND-NEW joints… in less than 60 days!

If you’re getting older… and your joints are more tender and overworked than ever… it can make it seem impossible to do the things you love.  You used to be able to hit the links, mow the lawn, and play with your grandchildren…   And you could do it all in the same day — without […] Read

The vision BREAKTHROUGH that’s STUNNING eye doctors

Just for today’s eAlert, I’m turning the reins over to my colleague and friend Dr. Mark Stengler, who has something special to share with you. – Melissa Young  When your eyes start to age…  When the world turns blurry…  You could lose EVERYTHING that’s essential to maintaining your enjoyment and independence.  Just cracking open a […] Read

Big Pharma’s new eye jab will NEVER measure up to these 2 vision saviors

Nobody WANTS to lose their eyesight. Most of us would do ANYTHING to keep it.   Yet there’s something that’s stealing the vision of too many older folks…  And it’s not just “old age.”  It’s one of the most terrifying complications of diabetes – and it’s the leading cause of blindness in this country.  No wonder […] Read

Beat back brain rot with this African ‘warrior cocktail’

You struggle for the right word… and agonize over even the most familiar names and faces.  It can feel like your brain is wasting away.  But it’s not just a matter of getting old…  Something could literally be ROTTING your mind.  Whether it’s excess inflammation… a bacterial infection… or some other mysterious mechanism we haven’t […] Read

Repair UV damage with this ancient Chinese ‘sunscreen berry’

After a particularly POLAR winter… the weather is FINALLY heating up.   That means jackets are coming off… sandals are coming out… and sleeves are shortening.   But if you’re worried about sun damage, you might be inclined to cover yourself from head to toe… just to reduce your risk of skin cancer.   You don’t have to […] Read

Help grow new, discomfort-free joints... while you SLEEP?!

Do aching joints keep you up at night… and keep you from waking up feeling great? You shouldn’t have to dread getting up in the morning because you know you’ll be stiff and sore. Because there’s a way to help your overworked joints grow YOUNGER… while you sleep! You see, your brain produces a compound that […] Read

This crazy ‘lung trick’ makes anxiety DISAPPEAR

When anxiety flares up… the feeling is just as PHYSICAL as it is MENTAL. While your mind races, your heart pounds… and your chest tightens. You might not feel like you can breathe at all… And once you recover, you never know WHEN an attack might strike again — but you know that it WILL. Big […] Read

“I was facing advanced prostate cancer that had spread up to my lymph nodes... I was able to beat my metastatic cancer. That was six years ago… and today, I'm still going strong. Thanks to you!”- Vernon S., Jacksonville, FL

“I was scheduled for cataract surgery, but learned of [the all-natural eye drops] through HSI. I saw improvement that was so dramatic... the surgeon put off my surgery…”- Margaret D., Sioux Falls, SD

“I will soon be 97 years old… THANK YOU SO MUCH, HSI!”- Bonnie H., Hudson, NY