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Cancer takes a hit as turmeric goes platinum

Someday, when the cure for cancer is finally discovered, it will likely come from a treatment that’s been used for thousands of years… not a brand-new creation out of Big Pharma’s laboratories. Well, that day may be soon be here. And the ancient remedy that might deliver on that promise of a cure is could […] Read

How to avoid becoming another hospital-error statistic

Dear Reader, It’s said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But it’s actually worth a whole lot more than that! Taking some simple precautions at the right time can be a lifesaver, and I’m not just talking about buckling up when you drive or wearing a helmet when you take […] Read

FDA cosmetic-safety survey should put consumers on alert

Dear Reader, In 1938, Superman made his first appearance in comic books… gas cost 10 cents a gallon… and the average yearly wage was $1,730! It was also the year that President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law what’s known as the “Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.” And it was probably the last time that […] Read

The most crucial thing you need to know before you fill that Rx

Dear Reader, There aren’t too many things you can buy that don’t come with complete instructions — usually in five different languages! A friend, for example, ordered a bird feeder to attach to her window with suction cups… something that’s pretty intuitive, don’t you think? Not according to the manufacturer that shipped it from China, […] Read

Psoriasis? Do this 3 times a day… and watch your skin clear up!

Dear Reader, If you spliced all of the current commercials for psoriasis drugs together, you’d have a full-length feature film! To see what this advertising is really selling, however, turn off the sound and just watch. All of these folks with psoriasis appear to be the most talented, fun-loving, happy, and on-the-go people ever! With […] Read

When ‘Alzheimer’s’ disease is totally curable

Dear Reader, Being misdiagnosed happens all the time. You could be told that you have a cold when it’s really just a sinus infection… or maybe you’re told you have asthma when all you’ve got is a seasonal allergy. But the most devastating and heartbreaking medical mistake of all would have to be for someone […] Read

Don’t be ‘nudged’ into this debilitating illness!

At Penn Medicine, it’s called the “nudge unit” – and it’s where researchers are assigned with coming up with innovative ways to “steer medical decision-making.” When it comes to statins, however, it’s less like a gentle push… and more like a shove off a cliff! The whole idea of how to get more doctors to […] Read

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