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This ‘fake news’ is hazardous to your health

Absorbing effective propaganda is like unknowingly drinking the spiked punch at the company party. You don’t realize until you finish it up – and by then you’re already under the influence! And that kind of devious trick — in the form of a disinformation campaign — is what’s going on right now with the food […] Read

A microscopic threat to life and limb

It’s a case where real life is scarier than a horror movie! And while necrotizing fasciitis might not be familiar to you, the more common name will be: flesh-eating bacteria. It’s a condition that can be caused by a number of different varieties of microbes that trigger a life-threatening infection in the “fascia” of the […] Read

Is this common food additive giving you cancer?

There’s a health crisis that gets ZERO attention from the mainstream, and I mean absolutely NONE. Odds are, this letter… right now… is the first you’re even hearing of it. It’s a problem with IRON. An essential mineral? Right. Of course it is. You’d DIE of anemia without it. But the problem isn’t that you’re […] Read

The dietary myth that could cause you to break a hip

It’s a piece of nutritional advice that should have gone the way of rotary phones and 8-track tapes! For the longest time, we’ve been told that eating high-protein foods (particularly meat and eggs), will cause your bones to lose some calcium. And if you’re on a high-protein diet (like the Paleo diet that HSI panelist […] Read

Chicken from China: A disaster waiting to happen

While the media was busy reporting last week about why some people hear “Laurel” while others hear “Yanny,” a vital piece of news slipped right on by. So, unless you happen to subscribe to the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, you likely didn’t hear that a super-strain of E. coli was just discovered on a […] Read

Baby or grandbaby on the way? Read this urgent warning

Years from now, the sight of a pregnant woman drinking fluoridated water will be just as shocking as seeing her holding a martini and a cigarette in her hands! Of course, now we know how boozing it up and smoking can harm an unborn child… but watch any movie showing life in the 1950s, and […] Read

Common spinal surgery has more risks than benefits

You’ll be told that it’s a simple, minimally invasive technique that will help you recover from the pain of a spinal fracture quickly. Easy peasy! But there’s a lot more you should know about vertebroplasty before you sign on the dotted line. Aside from some nasty potential complications, a new study has confirmed prior research […] Read

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