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Ease cough and breathing difficulties with 6-ingredient Oblas oil

CHASE away cough and congestion with this Swiss ‘6-pack’

I know what you’re thinking.

The SECOND you start to feel that tickle in the back of your throat… and you let out a cough or two… that sinking feeling sets in.

Getting a cold is NEVER something you look forward to…

But this year is different.

You’re worried that those breathing difficulties may be a sign of something more serious.

You’re not alone…

But unfortunately, that means your regular ol’ OTC cold remedies might be in short supply these days…

And you need SOMETHING to CLEAR your nose and sinuses… and CALM your hacking cough.

I’ve got just the thing to RESCUE you from respiratory distress.

It’s a relaxing “home spa” treatment out of Switzerland

And all it takes is just a few drops for you to start feeling better… and be on the mend!

A Swiss steam trick

The city of Basel  is nestled on the northwest corner of Switzerland, where it meets the borders of Germany and France.

International economists know Basel for the many Big Pharma corporations that are headquartered there…

But amid all those synthetic drugs and chemicals being cranked out… there’s a thriving HERBAL industry, too!

It’s where Ricola cultivates its multiple herb gardens for its herbal cough drops…

And it’s the global home of the ancient Oleum Basileum, a.k.a. “oil from Basel” or OBLAS.

Oblas oil arrived on our shores in the 1940s… but contrary to its name, it’s not just ONE oil.

It’s mixture of SIX different ones!

In it, you’ll find the essential oils of…

  1. peppermint
  2. eucalyptus
  3. juniper berry
  4. clove
  5. cajuput (a tree in the myrtle family) and
  6. wintergreen.

Together, these stimulating, aromatic ingredients help open up your breathing passagesrelax your tight chest… and soothe irritation.

Wintergreen in particular could help to ease your sore throat, too, as it contains a pain-relieving compound called methyl salicylate .

In fact, your body converts it into a substance that’s directly related to NSAID painkillers!

As well, juniper and clove are known for boosting immunity and metabolism.

This combination oil is known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties …

And it smells good, to boot!

Look for Oblas oil at your local health food store or online.

It’s safe to inhale as a potent form of aromatherapy… but here’s a word of caution.

Even if it comes in a container that LOOKS like an eye dropper… don’t put it into your eye!

The “drip bottle” helps you control the number of drops you add – ideally 20 — to a bowl of hot water.

With a towel over your head, breathe the vapors from the bowl deeply for at least 5 minutes.

You probably won’t need to sit like that for any more than 10 minutes.

For a longer, more relaxing experience, you can add the oil to a hot bath and settle in for a steamy, therapeutic soak.

You can also find Oblas cough drops and lozenges… with the added presence of menthol, for its cooling and decongestant properties.

To taking a deep breath,

Melissa Young