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Americans heading to Mexico for cheaper prescriptions

SLASH co-pays in half… or more… with this little-known ‘travel trick’

We’ve shared with you right here in eAlert how some Americans are crossing the border to get medical and dental care.

Services are notoriously cheaper in places like Mexico, or even abroad.

But many of those travelers… especially the older folks… aren’t just “bargain hunters.”

Some of them are DESPERATE to receive life-saving treatments for deadly diseases like cancer.

Others are in dire need for joint replacements and other procedures that’ll VASTLY improve quality of life.

And for one reason or another, they can’t get the care they need in this country.

In fact, skyrocketing prices… and increasingly stingy insurance policies… are leaving too many older Americans in the lurch.

The latest development is a bit of a shocker…

Because some patients no longer have to “go rogue” by heading south of the border.

One state government is helping them pack their bags!

And they’re already seeing HUGE savings.

Time to renew your passport!

The fact of the matter is that for some folks, some pharmaceutical drugs bridge the gap between complete disability and self-sufficiency.

Those meds might not be the BEST therapy for whatever ails them… and they’re certainly not their ONLY option…

But most patients can’t just quit their medications cold turkey.

Even worse, some diabetics could DIE if they keep rationing their insulin.

But they don’t have to – because they can buy it in Canada  without a prescription for a TENTH of the cost in this country!

Americans are only just STARTING to learn about their medical options outside of this country

And now, one state has jumped on the bandwagon.

I’m talking about Utah — ranked in the Top 5  of U.S. states’ healthcare systems.

It OUTPERFORMS other states when it comes to access, quality, efficiency, and outcomes.

And now it’s providing something else – a ticket to Mexico!

Utah’s public insurer has been paying state workers to fly south…

And get their prescriptions filled and refilled at Mexican pharmacies.

It’s not just covering the cost of flights…

It’s actually giving employees a BONUS for participating.

And it’s already saved HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars – with just 10 staffers participating thus far.

That’s why it’s expanded the program to cover travel to Canada as well.

In this country, some co-pays for prescriptions that are covered by insurance have skyrocketed so much… the average American could NEVER afford it.

Government officials have talked a big game about SLASHING prices

But out-of-pocket costs have continued to SOAR.

It wasn’t until they realized that government-funded insurance could save big bucks that they decided to do anything about it!

Now, “pharmacy tourism” does have its risks – including quality control.

You need to make sure the drug you’re getting outside of the U.S. is exactly the same.

Fortunately, there’s a company called Provide Rx Pharma  that coordinates directly with a doc at an accredited Mexican hospital that caters to medical tourists… and keeps track of the medication to make sure it’s legitimate.

It’ll even transport you from an American airport (like in San Diego) through the border crossing, directly to the facility, and back.

You don’t need to worry about speaking a foreign language… or navigating your way through unfamiliar territory.

And if you’re anything like the Utah residents that have already participated, you could see your copays PLUMMET.

Are you paying TWICE as much now as you should be? Or more?

You don’t need your state government… or a public insurer… to book your own cost-saving travel out of the country.

It’s perfectly legal for you to come back into this country with small amounts (no more than a 3-month supply ) of a prescription medication that’s been FDA approved for use in the U.S.

There are even some exceptions that allow you to bring back unapproved drugs, if your condition is serious enough… and there are no other treatments available in this country.

Bon voyage,

Melissa Young

P.S. With all the hubbub over coronavirus lately… which I’m sure you’ve been keeping tabs on… taking a trip may not be high on your priority list now. And no one would blame you for avoiding airports and confined spaces full of other travelers.

But when this all blows over… and you’re ready to hit the road again… this is a neat trick to have in your back pocket!