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Sleep better and more deeply with vitamin B5

Get ready for your DEEPEST sleep in years… thanks to this OVERLOOKED vitamin

It’s a public health epidemic  that’s sweeping the nation…

And it’s linked to such potentially DEADLY diseases as cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

You can’t “catch” it from someone else…

But more likely than not, you’ve ALREADY been affected by it.

If you regularly have trouble FALLING asleepSTAYING asleep… or getting RESTFUL slumber

You may be among the millions of Americans with a sleep disorder.

It might seem like you’re getting a full 8 hours

But you wake up more tired than when you went to bed…

And you’ve been caught dozing off during the day, more than once.

Believe me – there are PLENTY of things to lose sleep over with the way things have been lately.

But fortunately, there IS something that can help you drift off into dreamland… and STAY there awhile… so you’ll be ready to take on the next day.

It’s an ESSENTIAL nutrient

Yet you never hear ANYTHING about it from your doc!

You could even be MISSING OUT on a sufficient supply of it… but NO ONE will ever test your levels !

Finally look forward to bedtime

There are 8 B vitamins total…

But only CERTAIN ones get all the headlines… while others get IGNORED!

For instance, you may have already heard the hype about vitamin B12… and how it can REANIMATE your “dead battery” like a pair of jumper cables.

But there’s another B vitamin you may have NEVER heard of – and that’s the one I’d like to highlight today.

I’m talking about vitamin B5.

First discovered in 1933, it’s also known as “pantothenic acid” – from the Greek word pántothen, which means “from everywhere.”

That’s because vitamin B5 is found in SO many different food sources!

More on that in a moment…

But first, a bit about what B5 can do for you.

It helps make coenzyme A , a “building block” that your body uses to make a substance called acetylcholine.

Once in your brain, acetylcholine helps guide you through the different sleep stages throughout the night – including deep sleep.

That’s the sleep stage that’s CRITICAL to feeling fully rested in the morning.

This substance also helps “paralyze” you so you’re not alert… or tossing and turning… during the most RESTORATIVE phases of sleep.

In addition to those sleep disturbances, studies have shown that B5 deficiency can IMPAIR how your body produces energy, which can cause not only fatigue… but also irritability.

In a healthy person, beneficial gut bacteria help produce B vitamins. But they need to eat a particular “food” in order to churn out what you need for restful sleep.

It’s vitamin D!

And if you don’t have enough of it… which MOST of us don’t… then your body might not be making enough B vitamins, either.

You might think that taking B5 supplements would be a “magic bullet” for your B deficiency…

But it turns out that a standard dosage might be too high… even though this country’s Food and Nutrition Board hasn’t officially set an “upper limit ” guidance for it.

Some evidence shows, though, that loading up on B5 could energize you so much… you won’t be able to sleep at all!

With every supplement, there’s always an “optimal” dosage for the BEST therapeutic value – and with B5, especially for the sleep-deprived, it appears to be up to 100  mg.

Fortunately, you can find a 100-mg dosage of B5 in a B complex called B-100.

You might see B5 listed as “pantothenic acid”… “pantothenate”… or “pantethine” among the ingredients.

In a B complex supplement, you’ll also get all of the rest of the B vitamins you need for the myriad of health benefits they offer!

B5 is water soluble, so take it with plenty of Mother Nature’s purest and most refreshing beverage (ideally filtered or bottled).

You might need as little as 5 mg  of B5 a day. That means you SHOULD be able to get plenty from your diet – IF you eat the right foods.

Some options rich in B5 include egg yolks, organ meats (liver, kidney) sunflower seeds, and mushrooms.

To sleeping more deeply,

Melissa Young