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On corticosteroids? Big Pharma wants you to ALSO take this diabetes drug

Here’s how DRUG PUSHERS will try to CONVINCE you to take a med you NEVER needed

If you’ve got a chronic inflammatory condition like rheumatoid arthritis, your doc has probably put you on a corticosteroid drug…

And he’s told you that it’s your only option.

So, you’ve marched right into the pharmacy for every refill.

But with all those side effects … which ALSO include risk of infections that could land you in the hospital

You wonder if you’d be better off WITHOUT it.

Well, your doc is about to tell you he’s got good news for you.

It’s yet ANOTHER drug for you to take…

One you DON’T need… and that WON’T make you feel better.

But that hasn’t stopped its maker from PUSHING it through the system… and SPINNING a wild tale of its supposed “success”!

Here’s what’s REALLY going on.

The devil’s in the details

If you’ve been taking a corticosteroid drug like prednisone, it probably didn’t take long before you barely recognized yourself in the mirror.

Not only have you piled on some extra weight… but you’ve now got that telltale “moon face ,” too!

Corticosteroids can also mess up your INSIDES… thinning your bones and spiking your blood sugar.

If you haven’t already got diabetes, taking one of these drugs could put you in the crosshairs for the disease.

And that’s got Big Pharma SALIVATING…

Because now they’re trying to get you to take a diabetes drug… even if your blood sugar is PERFECT!

Just out are the results of a Phase II clinical trial… one that was FUNDED by the maker of metformin

And it’s here to tell you why you should take the blood sugar-lowering med whether you’ve got diabetes or not.

But if you really look at the science, it’s a stretch – to say the least.

In fact, the study FAILED its primary outcome!

The researchers wanted to prove that metformin could improve the ratio between visible, harmless (a.k.a. subcutaneous) fat and dangerous, organ-squeezing (a.k.a. visceral) fat.

They found that it DIDN’T. Not in this study, anyway.

Metformin also CAME UP SHORT in several other outcomes as it DIDN’T help the study participants significantly…

  • LOSE weight
  • SHRINK waist size, or
  • ELIMINATE belly fat.

But here comes the spin…

The study is a victory for metformin supposedly because taking it… in addition to a corticosteroid… could improve your metabolic profile.

For instance, it could reduce your fasting glucose levels and your Hb1ac numbers and improve glucose homeostasis

NONE of which you need, because you DON’T have diabetes!

And that could send the risk of your blood sugar dropping too low THROUGH THE ROOF.

Taking metformin alongside a corticosteroid, according to the study, could also reduce your levels of LDL cholesterol

But that’s ALSO USELESS, because elevated LDL isn’t dangerous (unless it’s oxidized).

There is one aspect of this study that piqued my interest…

And that’s how taking metformin significantly reduced the participants’ number of pneumonia infections and hospitalizations.

So, who knows what this added drug is doing to SEIZE CONTROL over your natural immunity?

Now, this teeny-tiny study only included 40 patients total… and only 19 of them actually took metformin.

Those that did take the diabetes drug only did so for 3 months – not nearly long enough to measure its safety OR efficacy.

So, there’s practically ZERO reason for celebration here.

But OF COURSE Big Pharma is using it as an excuse to move forward with a Phase III clinical trial.

I’ve got a better idea…

How about GETTING OFF of those side effect-laden corticosteroids… drugs that can WRECK your health and quality of life… and ELIMINATE the reason for taking metformin in the first place?

Plenty of natural alternatives can BOOST your immunity instead of SUPPRESSING it… and have IMPECCABLE safety records.

To jumping off the pill carousel,

Melissa Young