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Prepare for the coronavirus onslaught by boosting your immunity

Could these simple tricks help make your immune system IRON-CLAD against coronavirus?

There’s a KILLER on the loose…

And NOBODY in charge seems to know how to STOP it… or even TRACK where it’ll hit next.

I’m sure by now you’ve been following the novel coronavirus outbreak closely.

Its KILL RATE has far surpassed “regular” influenza 

The feds are telling us not to panic. But CDC officials can’t get their stories straight with the REST of the government… and they’re woefully UNPREPARED to test you for coronavirus, even if they think you might have it.

Don’t wait for these guys to get their acts together.

There’s one thing we know for sure about this latest coronavirus… and COVID-19, the infection that it causes.

It has a particular taste in victims.

It PREYS upon the weak!

That means older folks… especially those whose immune systems have been compromised.

Be it from immunosuppressant drugs… or an existing autoimmune disease… ANY weakened immune response could put you in the crosshairs for coronavirus.

And not just for catching it – but being TAKEN DOWN by it.

But maybe that leaves a glimmer of hope for BEATING it… especially when Big Pharma has got NO drugs and NO vaccines for it.

It’s time to prepare and strengthen your immune system… so it’s ready for any virus or illness thrown its way.

Extreme immunity makeover

There’s plenty you can do to PREVENT getting infected with coronavirus…

You can wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds at a time… and try to stop touching your face 30 times an hour.

But aside from CANCELING travel plans… and STOCKPILING supplies so you don’t have to leave home for the foreseeable future…

There’s something else you’ve got to do.

Because like it or not, if you’re a little on the older side, coronavirus could be VERY dangerous.

And if you don’t shore up your defenses against this unwanted intruder… you could easily become part of the growing statistic of coronavirus VICTIMS.

Fortunately, God designed our bodies to WITHSTAND the assault of all sorts of bugs and germs – even the ones we’ve never heard of before, like this new coronavirus.

We just have to make sure we don’t do ANYTHING to get in the way of God’s plan.

That means if you’re on a drug that’s SUPPRESSING your immunity… for autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, or eczema

You may want to start working with an integrative doc to ease up on your dosage

Or get off the meds altogether.

Because you don’t want ANYTHING to turn your immune system “off.” You just want to keep it from going haywire against healthy tissue!

But don’t stop there.

There are MULTIPLE ways to help regulate your immune response so it works PERFECTLY… EXACTLY when you need it most.

You already know how vitamin C can beat back the common cold – which, by the way, is ALSO caused by a type of coronavirus.

Getting plenty of C in this case is going to come in handy as well…

And if you actually COME DOWN with COVID-19, don’t wait to DEMAND intravenous vitamin C.

ANY hospital can offer this treatment, and it’s actually showing a lot of promise in China.

Other immune boosters include some of the OTHER usual suspects, like vitamin D… or AHCC, which HSI has written about in the past (it was actually donated to help with another type of coronavirus outbreak several years ago).

But use this as an opportunity to try some additional immune-boosting options that may seem a little more “out there,” like…

  • zeolite, a powerful detox/chelating agent with antiviral powers that has proven effective against other strains of coronavirus (like SARS)
  • chiropractic care, a type of spinal manipulation that worked against the Spanish flu and certainly won’t harm anyone with coronavirus, and
  • probiotics, including brewer’s yeast, which can influence the immunoregulatory activity of your gut microbiome.

Stay tuned right here to eAlert, because we’ll be bringing you the latest coronavirus updates – including ways to keep it from replicating with natural antiviral solutions.

To battening down the hatches,

Melissa Young