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Could this Greek herb give your vessels ETERNAL life? [A blood flow hero!]

You can take all the deep breaths you want…

But it won’t do a BIT of good… if your blood can’t efficiently DELIVER that energizing oxygen throughout your body!

Healthy circulation is KEY to NOURISHING your cells and tissues… and SWEEPING out toxins that can cause damage.

And when your blood isn’t flowing properly… the signs are unmistakable.

I’m not just talking about when your doc squeezes that cuff around your arm… and shakes his head at your BP numbers.

Elevated blood pressure is just one indication that something’s wrong.

You could also feel numbness and tinglingpainful swelling… and muscle cramping

And you could be chilled to the bone!

You’ve got to do something before you turn blue.

That’s not a joke – and this is NO laughing matter.

Fortunately, there’s a Mediterranean secret that could improve the condition of your blood vessels… and RESTORE proper blood flow… before it’s too late.

The flower trick to healthy blood flow

Its name comes from “khrusos,” the Greek word for gold

And that’s just a tiny indication of how much it’s been TREASURED since ancient times.

Legend has it that dried helichrysum flowers (Helichrysum italicum) were one of the Greek gods’ favorite offerings…

Perhaps because of its reputation as an everlasting herb.

But as it turns out, the myth might actually be TRUE…

Because it could make you feel downright IMMORTAL when it comes to the life-giving blood that will be pumping through your vessels… at just the right pressure… when you use it!

You see, helichrysum is a time-tested hero in FIGHTING circulation that’s become sluggish.

It doesn’t just contain compounds that help beat back free radical damage

Although one of those antioxidants, phloroglucinol, is RENOWNED for BOOSTING the smooth muscle function of vessels and RELAXING them.

But its most OUTSTANDING action appears to be how it DOUSES the fires of vessel-damaging inflammation!

In fact, helichrysum appears to work like a corticosteroid – by INHIBITING the conversion of arachidonic acid into inflammatory compounds.

But while corticosteroids can JACK UP your blood pressure…

Helichrysum helps keep your BP numbers exactly where you want them!

And it doesn’t carry any of the other negative side effects of corticosteroids, like edema.

In fact, helichrysum has been used as a diuretic FOR AGES!

It’s also an anticoagulant, which means it can keep your blood from getting too thick … and it can DISSOLVE clots

So, proceed with caution if you’re already on prescription blood thinners.

Helichrysum is most commonly found in liquid form. Look for 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil that’s been steam-distilled – but best not to ingest it.

You’ll want to combine it with a carrier oil (like coconut) and rub it on your legs… feet… and anywhere else that’s not getting the FRESH blood supply it needs.

Test a patch of skin first… and then sit back and watch the swelling DISAPPEAR!