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BEEF UP your brain power with this natural ‘energy shot’

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


It’s NEVER too late to brush up on your learning… AND your memory.

You can MAINTAIN your mental sharpness

WELL into your “golden years.”

And you can stave off the brain changes that can STEAL your alertness and focus, too.

Here’s how a crazy “salt trick” could TURN THE TABLES on an aging brain!

Quick-witted and sharp as a tack

There’s a type of salt that can DETOXIFY your brainRESTORE its function… and help give you the mental energy you need.

Not just to perform daily tasks… but to do the things you love… and even learn something new!

Scientists call it 1′-Acetoxychavicol acetate, or ACA for short.

And the science so far is promising…

In a 2016 animal study out of Japan, ACA-treated mice completed the experimental mazes not only FASTER

But also BETTER.

In fact, the researchers found evidence that ACA…

  • ENHANCED learning ability
  • IMPROVED spatial memory
  • SHARPENED focus
  • INHIBITED inflammation, and
  • SLAMMED THE BRAKES on brain tissue abnormalities (especially in the “memory center,” or hippocampus).

That last one is CRUCIAL, because we know that in human models of memory loss, two things happen…

  1. Brain cells DIE OFF prematurely.
  2. Brain tissue SHRINKS.

But NEITHER of those happened with the mice given ACA in the study.

The researchers in the study also observed ANOTHER key physical change in the treated mice.

And it has to do with how Alzheimer’s and other dementias can arise as a result of damage to the brain’s fats (or “lipids”).

ACA appeared to BOOST levels of serum ketone bodies (e.g. beta-hydroxybutyric acid)  associated with proper fat metabolism.

On its own, beta-hydroxybutyric acid has previously been shown to help PRESERVE memory… by providing EXTRA ENERGY to hungry brain cells!

This may make up for a lack of glucose in the brains of those with dementia.

ACA is a natural substance, but you might never know it unless you heard the other name it goes by — galangal acetate.

That’s because ACA is derived from the plant galangal (Alpinia galangal), a.k.a. “Thai ginger” or “Siamese ginger.”

When shopping for supplements at your local health food store or online, make sure they’re derived from galangal root and not some other part of the plant.