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[Cancer alert] Stack the odds in your favor with this exotic ‘spice of life’

What are my chances, doc?

When you get a cancer diagnosis, you just want to know how bad it is… and how long you’ve got left.

Most conventional oncologists would insist that it depends on which TYPE of cancer you’ve got…

Especially since certain cancers have EGREGIOUS survival rates.

But there’s a natural cancer fighter out there that could LEVEL the playing field.

Because it’s shown potential against 8 different cancers, of varying severities.

It could help not only KILL your cancer… and stop it DEAD IN ITS TRACKS… but also PROLONG your survival.

A cancer cure that’s literally underground

There’s a root that looks like ginger… but is even MORE powerful against cancer.

It’s actually a cousin of ginger — called galangal (Alpinia galangal, a.k.a. greater galangal, and Alpinia officinarum, a.k.a. lesser galangal).

It’s a staple of traditional cooking from Thailand…

But unless your palate is particularly adventurous, you may have NEVER encountered it before!

Germany’s Saint Hildegard of Bingen favorited galangal as a remedy for various ailments in the 12th century…

Which is why she nicknamed it “the spice of life.”

But galangal pre-dates German traditional medicine by HUNDREDS of years… having been cultivated in China by the year 1000 AD and worked its way into the ancient Indian medical practice of Ayurveda.

Modern science has shown that galangal can help STRENGTHEN your fight against at least 8 different types of cancer, including…

  1. gastric cancer
  2. blood cancer, like leukemia
  3. skin cancer, like melanoma
  4. pancreatic cancer
  5. colon cancer
  6. breast cancer
  7. liver cancer
  8. bile duct cancer… and more.

It’s UNBELIEVABLE that so many cancer docs… and their patients… have NEVER heard of it!

Research has shown that it can STOP growth of new cancer cellsINTERFERE with cancer cell survival by MESSING WITH their mitochondria (a.k.a. their cellular “powerhouses”)… and PROMOTE “cell suicide” (a.k.a. apoptosis).

Even better, researchers have found that galangal extract can PUSH human breast cancer cells to “off” themselves

But leave normal breast cells UNHARMED.

And a 2015 study out of Taiwan showed that galangal extract HALTED the spread of liver cancer by keeping cancer cells from attaching to healthy cells (a.k.a. adhesion).

Turns out it also SUPPRESSES certain gene pathways related to the development and progression of cancer.

Perhaps best of all, a 2017 animal study out of Thailand found that consuming galangal helped the research subjects SURVIVE LONGER.

Isn’t that what we REALLY want?!

And all it took was just 30 days.

Although galangal contains many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, the “leader of the pack” appears to be the flavonol known as galangin.

It’s found in ALL parts of the galangal plant… but it’s MOST concentrated in the root.

Fortunately, you can find galangal root whole, dried and sliced, or powdered at your local Asian specialty market.

Or skip the trouble and get galangal extract or capsule form at your local health food store or online.