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This DOESN’T protect you against deadly flu… and WON’T fight your cancer!

Now this is a dirty trick if I’ve ever seen one.

The mainstream is capitalizing on the FEAR and DESPERATION of cancer patients

All in a ruse to find a way to SELL a vaccine.

It’s not a cancer vaccine, mind you.

It’s the flu shot!

And because of the wide public mistrust over this vax… which FAILS to protect us against influenza, year after year… they’ve got to come up with SOMETHING ELSE that it can do.

Here’s why they may try to stick it in your tumor… and why you should be very, very suspicious.

A garbage vaccine gets a new lease on life

Conventional cancer care has been BATTING ZERO when it comes to HACKING your immune system to fight off the disease.

Immunotherapy drugs have been shown to actually TURBOCHARGE lung cancer. Some even give rise to “mystery symptoms” — ones that are IRREVERSIBLE!

For Heaven’s sake, why can’t they find something to make cancer patients feel BETTER… and not WORSE?!

The mainstream isn’t giving up on finding a way to trigger an innate immune response that can beat back cancer…

And on the surface, that sounds like a good idea. One of the guiding principles of integrative medicine is that our bodies are NATURALLY outfitted with all the defenses we need.

Heal thyself, as we say.

But once you get a load of what THEY’VE just come up with, you’ll see why I’m so up in arms.

They want to STICK your tumor… with a flu shot!

OF COURSE they do. More and more folks are REFUSING to roll up their sleeves for the shot… because it DOESN’T prevent the flu!

So the mainstream has got to find some other way to UNLOAD this dud of a vaccine.

The research so far has only been on mice… and the injection did slow tumor growth.

The mainstream media coverage has been quick to note that it also protected the mice from the flu!

Gimme a break.

OF COURSE your immune system can fight off cancer. It happens every day.

There are better ways to give it a little more OOMPH.

Some natural alternatives that have demonstrated the potential to POWER UP your immune system include…

  • mistletoe
  • triphala
  • chaga mushroom
  • kutki
  • Phyllanthus amarus
  • and more.

And don’t forget the king of all immune boosters – high-dose intravenous vitamin C!

Talk to an integrative oncologist about how to incorporate natural therapies like this into your cancer battle plan.