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MASSACRE the flu virus with this common gadget [So easy!]

That ol’ groundhog might’ve predicted an early spring…

But right now, we are in the THICK of flu season.

And too many older folks are SUFFERING from influenza.

It’s a virus that can be DEADLY for any folks who are a little on the weaker side or who’ve got compromised immune systems.

But there’s one simple trick to BEATING BACK the flu virus…

And making sure conditions are IMPOSSIBLE for it to thrive!

It’ll require a small investment up front…

But it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving — flu season after flu season.

DROWN influenza… TO DEATH

There’s a reason why the flu virus RAGES during wintertime.

It just LOVES dry air!

When temperatures outside are cold… like they are now… the humidity is generally lower.

And with less water vapor in the air… those airborne flu bugs can last for DAYS!

Imagine how many times you’ve walked right through a spot where someone with the flu sneezed or coughed… and CAUGHT the flu!

It can happen — even when the sick patient is LONG GONE!

But you can TURN THE TABLES on the flu by making one simple adjustment — right in your very own home.

Turn on the humidifier. And if you don’t already have one, get one… NOW!

Research shows that all you need to do to KILL the flu virus is SET your indoor humidity above 43%.

In one study, 85% of airborne flu bugs were stopped DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS — just by raising indoor humidity.

And all it took was an hour. By 24 hours later, there were NO SURVIVORS.

Scientists believe that’s why hardly anyone catches the flu during the summertime – not because it’s warm out, but because there’s more moisture in the air.

Fortunately, humidifiers also help us FEEL better during flu season – and not just by EASING breathing problems and coughing.

They can also SOOTHE dry, cracked skin and chapped lips.

You can buy a decent humidifier at your local home store for under $100. And if it’s not equipped with its own gauge, you can buy a separate hygrometer.

Try to keep your indoor humidity at an ideal level of 50%.

And not just when you’re sick – but the ENTIRE winter season.

That means especially when the heat kicks on… or you fire up the wood-burning stove… as both can dry out the air even FURTHER.