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Did prehistoric man discover this ‘berry cure’ for diabetes?

When you’ve got diabetes, visions of sugar plums aren’t a sweet dream in anticipation of Christmas morning…

They’re a nightmare!

But you can avoid all those cookies… candy canes… and cakes…

And STILL feel like your blood sugar control will NEVER be perfect.

Imagine being able to try just a little treat… maybe even take a sip of egg nog or cider… without WORRYING about what a devastating SPIKE will do to you.

Or not having to explain to your doc how you “slipped”…and that’s why your numbers aren’t perfect.

Instead, when he asks you what your secret is… you can tell him it’s a “caveman trick” made famous by an ancient Greek physician!

A blood-sugar-lowering berry

Ancient Greece’s “father of medicine,” Hippocrates, described elderberry as his “medicine chest”…

Because it seemed to cure SO MANY health concerns!

Maybe that’s why its cultivation has been documented all the way back to prehistoric times.

Encompassing several species in the genus Sambucus – namely, Sambucus nigra, the black elder tree – this antioxidant berry has become renowned for its immune-boosting properties.

But it doesn’t just keep you from catching a bug… and provide cold and flu relief

It also lowers blood sugar!

On the one hand, black elderberry can mimic the actions of insulin – namely, by transporting glucose and turning glucose into both usable and storable forms of energy.

That SWEEPS excess sugar out of the blood… and into the tissues that can use it (either now or later).

But studies show that elderberry can actually help your body produce insulin, too.

Even better, a 2017 animal study showed that this black berry can improve insulin resistance as well.

Elderberry syrups, juices, and wines might contain too much sugar if you’re diabetic…

But a great way to reap the benefits of this berry is as a tea or a supplement in capsule form. You can find these at your local health food store or online.

Now, if you’re already on diabetes meds to lower your blood sugar, combining them with elderberry could make your numbers dip too low.

Check with your doc before easing off any prescription pills or starting up any new supplement regimen.