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Ancient Chinese ‘tea secret’… SUPERCHARGED for OPTIMUM gut health!

When you’re doubled over in pain… and running for the nearest toilet… the last thing you want to hear is oversimplified advice.

It’s an insult – especially when it feels like you’ve ALREADY tried everything in the book to ease your symptoms and settle the storm in your digestive tract.

But there’s one easy trick from ancient China that actually DOES work…

And you’ve got NOTHING to lose by trying it.

It’s a special kind of tea, prepared in a unique way – one that can ERASE the agony of digestion gone wrong.

Whether you’re “going” too little… or too much

Or things have just gotten a little too SLUGGISH in your gut

It’s time to get steeping!

Tea party

Think Britain has a monopoly on tea?

When it comes to healthful, healing tea CURES… the English have got NOTHING on the Chinese!

Because what most of us know as “tea” – no matter what the variety, from English Breakfast to Lipton – comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis.

But in China, they’ve figured out how to take those “tea leaves”… and TURBOCHARGE them for healthy digestion!

The secret is in the fermentation process. And the result is something called “pu-erh tea.”

This black tea – or “dark tea” — starts with the “Assamica” variety of Camellia sinensis with very large leaves, called Dayeh. The most ancient of these plants in existence can be up to 1,000 years old!

And pu-erh tea dates all the way back to the Han Dynasty.

During the Tang Dynasty, tea traders needed to figure out a way to avoid spoilage while transporting their goods…

And it turns out that fermentation not only PRESERVED the tea… but it also RAMPED UP its qualities as a digestive tonic.

Because it’s fermented, pu-erh tea involves key microorganisms that BOOST your overall digestive health.

But the tea itself also can improve digestion in 3 key ways, by helping to…

  1. OVERCOME constipation, by encouraging bowel movements
  2. REVERSE a “slow stomach” by improving gastric motility and shortening transit time, and
  3. FIGHT OFF pathogens that cause intestinal infections, like coli.

That last one shouldn’t be underestimated…

You know E. coli as the bacterium that can cause “food poisoning” from eating contaminated items (like raw cookie dough and undercooked ground beef).

But SOME strains of E. coli can be the culprits behind diarrhea (including the travelers’ kind, a.k.a. “Montezuma’s Revenge”) and even Crohn’s disease.

And if you’re a little on the older side, you’re even MORE susceptible to this infection-causing bug.

Fortunately, this type of Chinese tea is PACKED with antioxidants – which makes it a detoxifying hero to your digestive system.

You’ll find pu-erh tea as a compressed tea “cake” or “brick,” in loose leaf form, or in tea bags. Once it’s been steeped in hot water, try “slurping” it to enhance its flavors.

It does contain some caffeine, so you’ll want to limit yourself to no more than four cups of it a day.

Choosing older (or more “aged”) varieties of pu-erh tea… and shortening the steeping time… will reduce your potential caffeine intake.

The only other risk of side effects?

It might help you lose weight!