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RESCUE yourself from the holiday blues with this ‘tranquility oil’

Everyday life is stressful enough… and now we’ve got holiday shopping, holiday cooking, and holiday hosting to deal with.

Is it January yet??

It’s SUPPOSED to be “the most wonderful time of the year”…

But this is the time when it’s MOST likely for your mood to PLUMMET.

It IS possible, though, to make this Christmas feel a little more “holly jolly” – thanks to an aromatherapy secret.

Folks who use it find it soothinguplifting… and restorative.

One whiff of its calming scent… and you might just be convinced, too!

The one perfume you NEED this Christmas

Native to India, vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides) is a type of fragrant grass…

And this sacred herb forms the basis of one of the most calming essential oils out there.

Vetiver oil, distilled from the herb’s roots, has been used throughout Southeast Asia… and even South Asia and West Africa… for THOUSANDS of years.

Known as the “oil of tranquility,” it can cool you down when things get heated… and even boost energy levels that have taken a nosedive.

And unlike caffeine or other “uppers”… it can also help you sleep, even REVERSING insomnia.

It smells a little bit sweet… and a little bit smoky… and has been used in fragrances since the Middle Ages.

But more importantly, it’s a potent antioxidant can not only heal physical scars on skin, like stretch marks… but also emotional scars.

It’s a natural anxiety remedy, as it helps relieve stress… and boost the nervous system.

And it can even help get you “in the mood,” no matter how long it’s been since you felt those butterflies.

It can help balance hormones – and not just your “sex” hormones like testosterone and estrogen, but even your “stress” hormone, cortisol.

In one animal study, vetiver oil stood TOE TO TOE with the anti-anxiety med diazepam (a.k.a. Valium)… and exhibited EQUIVALENT effects!

Look for 100% vetiver essential oil at your local health food store or online (though it sometimes goes by the names “khus” or “khas”).

Add it to your bathwater… or an oil diffuser…

Or drop it straight onto your wrists, chest, or neck.

As with many other essential oils, its therapeutic effects come from its aroma… or when used topically.

So, you won’t want to drop this one on your tongue.