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Ancient root SWEEPS away painful deposits that WRECK your insides

Childbirth is the worst pain you could ever endure?

Whoever said that never passed a kidney stone.

They may be tiny, but those little deposits pack a mighty punch… as they TEAR YOU UP from the inside.

And once you get one type of “stone”… another type can follow.

That’s why so many folks with gallstones – which tend to hit older gals carrying extra weight – ALSO develop kidney stones.

And vice versa.

One of the biggest culprits to blame is an excess buildup of a substance called uric acid – the same root cause of another painful disease, gout!

Your body is either producing too much of it… or not eliminating enough of it…

Or, in most cases, BOTH.

Fortunately, there’s a drug-free way to PERFECTLY balance your uric acid levels… and address MULTIPLE root causes of stone formation.

Its medicinal use dates back a whopping 5,000 years!

It’s an herbal diuretic, but that’s not all…

This purifying herb is ALSO a pain reliever!

This too shall pass

Since the ancient Egyptians and Roman times, the leaves of chicory (Cichorium intybus) have been used as a salad green.

A member of the dandelion family, you might have heard of chicory if you’ve ever visited New Orleans…

That’s where you’ll find its roots offered as a coffee substitute (hence its nickname “coffee weed”) — used famously by everyone from Medieval monks to Confederate soldiers using the Civil War.

As traditional German folk medicine discovered ages ago, its root also helps DESTROY gout.

And research has CONFIRMED what’s behind its traditional use, even beyond the “disease of kings.”

Because chicory can also…

  • SLAM THE BRAKES on kidney stones by increasing urine flow
  • ERADICATE gallstones by stimulating bile flow
  • EXTINGUISH inflammation, and
  • SEDATE pain of passing stones and “stabbing” crystals.

One of its keys to success may be that it contains a type of soluble fiber called inulin.

You may have already heard of inulin as a prebiotic — one that can aid in digestion and even help you lose weight.

But there’s more…

In a 2014 animal study, inulin derived from chicory helped REDUCE elevated levels of uric acid (a.k.a. hyperuricemia) – the biggest culprit behind the formation of these types of crystal and stone deposits.

While uric acid may still FORM in your body, a 2017 study found that chicory can help your liver produce LESS of it… and your body excrete MORE of it.

You can cook with chicoryeat it raw… or steep it in boiling water and drink it as an herbal tea.

Chicory root (a.k.a. “Cichorii radix”) is also available in supplement form – usually as part of prebiotic formulas.

You can also find “chicory root fiber” – a.k.a. inulin – on its own in capsule form at your local health food store or online.