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RESET your gut with this Native American ‘turtle trick’

At this point in your life… for one reason or another… you’ve experienced a digestive issue or two.

For many seniors, it’s not just “stomach troubles”…

But indigestion… PLUS constipation… and sometimes even loss of appetite.

It could be a drug side effect… or a complication from another medical condition…

All you know is that you’re MISERABLE… and you feel like you can no longer enjoy a good meal.

Especially if eating makes you feel WORSE.

But you don’t have to go on a “hunger strike”… or give up the foods you love…

Because there’s a time-tested way to RESET your gut… and get it running again the way that it’s supposed to.

It’s a “swamp herb” first discovered by Native Americans… and later embraced by mountain healers whose patients were DESPERATE for relief.

The backwoods bowel-booster

You may have never heard of balmony (Chelone glabra)… but it’s been widely used in this country for CENTURIES.

In Greek, “chelone” is the word for tortoise – and because its flower blooms bear a strong resemblance to the ancient creature, balmony is sometimes known as “turtlehead.”

You can find it growing wild in the marshes and wet woods of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard and a little farther inland… from the Appalachians to the Ozarks.

Its leaves began as a key ingredient in Native American folk medicine from the Cherokee tribe

But 19th-century European colonists who practiced herbal medicine… sometimes known as “yarb doctors”… soon came to appreciate how balmony could EASE some of their patients’ most common complaints.

These herbalists’ practices THRIVED in rural areas – a.k.a. the “backwoods” – where it was tough to find a school-trained medical doctor.

And even if there was one… no one outside the main villages could afford his services!

So, herbs provided the basis of the MOST commonplace medicine back then, in those mountain communities.

And balmony was widely accepted as a digestive toniclaxative… and appetite stimulant.

It helps digestion by…

  • STIMULATING gastric juice production, as do all bitter herbs
  • IMPROVING fat metabolism, relieving gas, nausea, and sluggish bowel movements, and
  • EMPTYING your bowels.

And its only side effect?

It might improve your mood!

Although once widely available throughout the eastern portions of both the U.S. and Canada, now balmony can be hard to find at your local health food store…

But you should have no problem ordering it online.

Native Americans drank it on its own as an herbal tea – but not everyone loves its pungent flavor.

Include it in tea blends alongside other herbs whose taste you enjoy (like peppermint, also soothing to your gut).