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Could this slimy secret help you TAKE BACK the reins of blood sugar control?

When you’ve got type 2 diabetes, it’s like you’ve lost ALL sense of free will.

You’ve got alarms reminding you to prick your finger… take your pills… get a little exercise… and eat your meals.

They’ve got you hooked up to meters that are “connected” – so you and maybe even a loved one can know what your “numbers” are at ANY GIVEN MOMENT.

Because whether your blood sugar spikes too high… or dips too low… it could become DEADLY.

Your job… for the rest of your life… is to keep it in that PRECISE window.

For most Americans, that’s easier said than done.

But in Japan, they’ve figured out a trick to maintaining PERFECT blood sugar control

And it’s not a diet… a drug… a patch… or a pump.

It’s a dinner staple that they eat nearly every day because they love it… without even giving the medicinal value of this “marine food” a SECOND THOUGHT!

No-fuss secret to diabetes freedom

You probably spent the first 50 or 60 years of your life NEVER thinking about insulin.

But the moment you’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes… you learn how CRITICAL insulin is to controlling the disease.

You’ve got to make sure your body’s MAKING enough of it…and that it’s got NO trouble USING it.

But most diabetics are facing one HUGE obstacle when it comes to insulin resistance – their weight.

Obesity can induce chronic inflammation in many different types of tissues…

But the most PROBLEMATIC when it comes to diabetes is your muscles.

Skeletal muscles specifically account for the majority of glucose uptake after you eat – over 90% of it!

And that process is mediated by… you guessed it… insulin.

That’s where a type of brown seaweed called kombu (Laminaria japonica) steps in.

Because it can target your muscle tissue to INCREASE glucose uptake … and BEAT BACK insulin resistance.

Just those two mechanisms alone are PIVOTAL to controlling your blood sugar PERFECTLY (a.k.a. “glucose homeostasis”).

But there’s more…

Because kombu has also been shown to:

  • EXTINGUISH inflammation
  • INHIBIT activity of α-glucosidase, a key enzyme that turns carbs into sugar, and
  • ACTIVATE proteins related to insulin signaling.

The result?

LOWER glucose levels both when fasting AND after meals. 

The “secret ingredient” appears to be a form of dietary fiber called alginate… a gel-like substance found in algal cell wells.

You may have heard of it as a gooey material used to dress and pack diabetic foot ulcers…

But it turns out that this polysaccharide is a hypoglycemic agent on its own, too!

A small study published in 2012 found consuming an alginate-based drink helped reduce blood sugar levels by 52% in obese men.

It’s been found to LOWER postprandial spikes in blood sugar… and REDUCES the amount of glucose that’s circulating throughout your body.

You can find alginate on its own in supplement form…

But you wouldn’t want to MISS OUT on ALL of the health benefits of kombu by isolating out just one of its ingredients.

Look for kombu at your local health food store… or Asian specialty market, where it might be in the freezer section.

You may also find a shaved or shredded version that’s been dried and packaged, known as “tororo kombu.”

You can also incorporate another dietary fiber into your diabetes-busting regimen – spirulina.