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Zulu herb is a WARRIOR against cough and cold

It’s that sinking feeling again.

You didn’t catch your scratchy throat early enough… and now you’re not just “under the weather.”

You’re certifiably SICK.

The herbal remedies you usually turn to… like echinacea and elderberry… work best as a PREVENTATIVE measure…

NOT if you’re already sick!

Don’t worry – because there’s ANOTHER herbal hero that can get to work while you’re already in the thick of it.

It’s a tribal “root cure” that addresses the underlying causes of upper respiratory infections like…

  • common cold
  • sinusitis
  • bronchitis
  • sore throat
  • and more.

If it’s not severe enough to warrant taking an antibiotic… and you don’t want to feel MISERABLE just waiting it out…

Here’s a drug-free remedy that’s been time-tested by African medicine men… and those they’ve healed!

Recovery in just 4 days?

South African traditional medicine has used the root of the South African geranium (Pelargonium sidoides) for AGES.

This “dark continent” cure began to spread throughout Europe around the turn of the last century…

Though it’s only been in the last 30 years that it’s been available commercially.

Europeans nicknamed it umckaloabo — derived from the Zulu words for “respiratory infection” and “chest pain.”

Nowadays, most folks around the world just call it “umcka” for short.

Research shows that it works as an antimicrobial — primarily by SABOTAGING the attempts by bacteria and rhinoviruses to LATCH ONTO your respiratory tract!

But that’s not all…

Because it also DEPLOYS your body’s own immune defenses to fight off the infection naturally.

As a result, umcka has been shown to…

  • SHORTEN the infection’s duration
  • RELIEVE symptoms more quickly, including reducing the frequency and severity of coughs, and
  • STOP secondary infections (like when a cold “turns into” bronchitis).

However, even the makers of umcka-based products don’t fully understand HOW it works.

Researchers THINK that its main active compound is a type of coumarin called umckalin

And since it can interfere with blood clotting, don’t mix it with any blood thinners.

Otherwise, its CENTURIES of traditional use prove that it’s safe enough to give to children!

Umcka’s other common names include “black geranium” and “Cape pelargonium”…

But the European Medicines Agency has approved it under the name “pelargonii radix.”

It’s sold as Kaloba in the UK and EPs 7630 in Germany.

HSI’s own Dr. Glenn Rothfeld recommends the product known by the brand name Umcka Coldcare, from the maker Nature’s Way.

It may take a week for you to fully recover… but you could start feeling better within just FOUR DAYS.