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Alert! Don’t fall for this genetic testing SCAM

There’s a special place in hell for people who scam seniors.

And I hope there’s an even WORSE place in hell for criminals who target seniors worried about their health.

I’m sure you’ve heard all about genetic testing before. Companies are promising it’s like a crystal ball for your health.

With just a little saliva or blood, they can tell if you’re at risk for cancerAlzheimer’s… and just about anything else.

But there’s a new genetic testing PLOY that has NOTHING to do with keeping your healthy.

In fact, a bunch of dirtbag punks are trying to steal your identity… and your life’s savings.

Con-artists and thieves

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging was the latest government agency to warn about a scam targeting seniors.

Here’s how it works…

You may get called by a telemarketer or approached by a salesman at a community event, like a fair or a farmer’s market.

They’ll tell you that you qualify for free genetic testing through Medicare.

Maybe they’ll take a swab from your cheek right there… or have you send one in the mail.

And you can probably guess what happens next…

The cheek swab goes right in the trash.

Because there was never a free testing program, and you’re NEVER going to see any results.

This was all a scam to get your Medicare information from you.

Once you give the thieves your Medicare info – which they’ll say they need to submit your claim – they can sell it over and over again.

Or they can use it as a platform to STEAL your identity and RUIN you financially.

This scam might sound a little familiar…

Telemarketers used to promise you a free knee or back brace through Medicare – all you had to do was give them your Medicare ID number.

Most people have caught on to the phony brace scam by now.

The problem is that there’s so much interest in genetic testing… this NEW version of the scam is working like a charm.

Here’s a good rule of thumb…

Your doctors and pharmacist may need your Medicare info – but pretty much NOBODY else does.

And if you’re worried that you’re being scammed, call your local police and share your suspicions. You may end up protecting yourself and lots of other seniors in the bargain.