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[Alert] Could this FDA screw-up STEAL your vision?!

Maybe you seem to need stronger reading glasses every year.

Or maybe the TV is getting a little blurry… or you’re having a hard time reading menus and road signs.

We’ve always been told that fading vision is a normal part of aging.

But there’s something else you HAVEN’T been told.

New evidence is emerging that a popular drug… one taken by people all across the country… may be permanently damaging your eyes.

It’s all part of an FDA and Big Pharma screw-up you were NEVER supposed to know about.

And if you want to protect your eyesight, you need to act fast.

NOT easy on the eyes

At a recent meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, California researchers made a shocking announcement.

They studied patients who had long-term exposure to the bladder and arthritis drug Elmiron.

And nearly 25% of these people had noticeable damage to their eyes.

25 PERCENT! That’s like Russian roulette, but with WORSE ODDS!

The theory is that some of the chemicals in Elmiron could be toxic to retina cells.

Even worse, lots of people are being WRONGLY diagnosed with conditions like macular degeneration.

Now, there are some Big Pharma apologists claiming that there’s no way the drug companies or FDA could have known that Elmiron might damage vision.

And that’s absolute NONSENSE… I mean, Grade-A GARBAGE.

The problems with Elmiron have been staring us in the face for DECADES.

The drug was first approved in 1996. Since then, it’s been linked to side effects that are straight out of a horror movie.

I’m talking about:

  • diarrhea
  • stomach pain and nausea
  • depression and mood changes
  • bloody stool
  • hair loss
  • and PLENTY more.

This is a drug that’s PROVEN it can attack your gut… your hair… and your mental state.

So why is everyone so surprised at the thought… the very thought… that it could be harming other parts of your body, too?

I’ll tell you why they’re acting so shocked – because EVERYONE is trying to cover their butts.

Elmiron is a drug that SHOULD have been pulled off the market years ago. But the FDA didn’t do anything… and I’m sure they won’t do anything now, either.

In fact, the only recommendations I’ve seen so far are to get your vision checked regularly if you’re taking Elmiron.


They want you to keep taking the drug, and hope for the best. Seriously – that’s their AWFUL plan.

Here’s a better idea… stop taking Elmiron.

Talk to your doctor about whether you still need the drug… and if there are suitable alternatives.

God only gave you two eyes – don’t take any risks with them.