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Miracle citrus extract DE-AGES old legs… from the inside! [Secret UNLOCKED!]

Your doc may tell you that you’ve got “chronic venous inefficiency”…

But all you know is that your legs are swollen and covered in “spider veins”…

They CRAMP all day and night

And they feel as heavy as lead.

Worse yet, you’ve forgotten what your ankles look like!

You might even be struggling with the pain – and inconvenience – of hemorrhoids, too.

Fortunately, there’s a way to LOOK and FEEL better

You just need something that will PUMP blood that’s collected in your legs back UP!

And as it RESTORES vein function… it can IMPROVE your quality of life.

But I GUARANTEE you’ve NEVER heard of it!

A ‘spa treatment’… for your veins?

Citrus fruits are RENOWNED for their rich vitamin C content…

But that’s not all they have to offer.

Because LOCKED away in citrus rinds is a relatively unknown, underappreciated flavonoid called diosmin.

It was first identified in 1925… but it wasn’t used therapeutically until the 1960s!

It works as a “phlebotonic” – like a tonic for your veins (and other types of blood vessels, too).

Like other flavonoids, it provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity…

But it goes BEYOND other antioxidants… to specifically target your veins.

Research shows that diosmin…

  • STRENGTHENS venous tone
  • EASES swelling
  • ERASES varicose veins
  • REDUCES blood “pooling,” and
  • IMPROVES blood flow.

In a 2013 study out of Brazil, patients with chronic venous disease experienced GREATER swelling relief from diosmin therapy than from another nutrient combination.

The researchers found that diosmin even OUTPERFORMED a prescription drug for veins.

And in a 2018 study, Polish researchers found that diosmin significantly reduces markers of oxidative stress within 3 months of treatment… ESPECIALLY in smokers.

In Europe and Asia, diosmin is available in the prescription drug Venosmine.

Here in the U.S., your doc can prescribe an enhanced version of diosmin, called Vasculera, which is offered as a medical food product.

Fortunately, you can also get regular ol’ diosmin in this country without a prescription at your local health food store or online.

It’s available on its own… as part of a venous support formula… or in combination with hesperidin in an oral supplement known as MPFF (a.k.a. “micronized purified flavonoid fraction”).

Research supports using a combo of 900 mg of diosmin plus 100 mg of hesperidin daily for up to 2 months.

It can be dangerous to mix diosmin with blood-thinning medications, so check with your doc first before trying.