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RECLAIM your PERFECT skin… with ‘sweat-eating’ bugs? [Crazy!]

When you were born, your skin was PERFECT.

But as you’ve gotten older, it’s become sensitive and even fussy.

Your dermatologist may even call your skin a “problem!”

And no matter how much attention you pay to it… it just doesn’t seem to get any better.

It’s not your fault.

Because there’s something that USED to be a part of us

But we’ve LOST to a TSUNAMI of “personal care products.”

You can’t see it, even when it’s there…

But it’s likely NOT there, thanks to all the STERILIZING products we’ve gotten hooked on!

And when it’s MISSING, your skin can dry outoverproduce oil… and look “dull” and even “old.”

Fortunately, there’s a way to RESTORE balance to your skin… by RETURNING what’s been STOLEN from it!

The skin scam… EXPOSED

We SCRUB ourselves with antibacterial soaps… harsh cleansers… and chemical peels.

We THINK we’re practicing “good hygiene”…

But in reality, we’re STRIPPING ourselves of our natural defenses!

And we’re DISRUPTING our microbiomes.

No, not the “good bugs” in our guts… but the ones on our SKIN.

That’s right, our bodies have MORE THAN ONE microbiome

And the one that populates our largest organ – the skin that covers us from head to toe – is UNDERAPPRECIATED, to say the least.

So, while you may have already come around to taking probiotic supplements to support healthy gut flora

You may need to supplement with probiotics to repopulate the skin-protecting bacteria that’s gotten BANISHED from the outside of your body, too.

Fortunately, there are sprays available to distribute live cultures of beneficial bacteria on your body and face.

Specifically, we’re talking about a bug called Nitrosomonas eutropha, which occurs naturally in soil and untreated water.

Just that one bug is enough to get rid of the “bad guys” on your skin… and help restore the balance of the “good guys.”

It can keep your skin’s entire ECOSYSTEM in check!

Studies have shown that a product that contains it can improve:

  • skin clarity by 35%
  • skin smoothness by 25%
  • oily skin appearance (including reduction in shine) by 22% and
  • the look and feel of dry and uneven skin by 35%.

And all it takes is just four weeks.

A study from earlier this year even found that applying N. eutropha topically can reduce wrinkle DEPTH and SEVERITY… and improve skin discoloration.

You can still find this bacterial strain on the skin of indigenous people, whose skin has remained UNTOUCHED by modern chemistry.

Maybe that’s why native tribes are far LESS plagued by allergies, sensitivities, and other skin issues so common to our “modern” civilizations!

  1. eutropha is considered a type of “ammonia-oxidizing bacteria” (or AOB) – or a bug that only “eats” ammonia as its food.

Where does it get ammonia?

Your sweat.

It GOBBLES it up!

Which means you may eventually be able to EASE UP on using harmful, chemical-based deodorants.  

One way to get N. eutropha is the Mother Dirt line of products, including AO+ Mist, which is available in some health food stores and online.

Because the bacteria it contains is live, you’ll need to refrigerate the product in order to preserve it for up to six months.

Use it AFTER soaping up… moisturizing… or swimming in the pool… and BEFORE getting sweaty!

You can even incorporate it into your nightly routine before bed.