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Federal CRACKDOWN suppresses mind-sharpening benefits of this ‘milk trick’

You drive over to one of those “superstores”… and walk out with 10 things you didn’t plan on buying.

And the one thing that’s missing is the one thing you really needed! (If you’re like me, that’s toilet paper.)

That’s normal. We all do it.

But those “senior moments” become more troublesome when you walk into the store and can’t remember where you are… or how you got there.

Or, worse yet, you get confused on the way home and take HOURS to find your way back.

It’s terrifying.

Fortunately, you may NEVER have to lose your independence

Because there’s a cognitive enhancer that can also DELAY the progression of Alzheimer’s.

But the FDA is constantly flexing its muscles to make sure you’ll NEVER find out what this natural cure can do for you!

Fortunately, I don’t have to let the feds MUZZLE me.

What supplement companies CAN’T tell you

Scientists working in Poland in the 1970s were working with sheep when they discovered something unusual in the females’ “first milk” (a.k.a. colostrum).

The thick mammary liquid contained a mixture of polypeptides with an unusually high proportion of proline, a protein building block.

First identified as “proline-rich polypeptides,” they showed great potential in SLOWING age-related cognitive decline.

Later, researchers found these ovine PRPs to be nearly IDENTICAL to those in the colostrum of humans… and cows (a.k.a. bovine).

So, PRPs are like a “master key” — and no matter which animal they come from, they can work on ALL mammals, including people.

Cows, of course, provide the MOST abundant source of milk… which was CRITICAL to standardizing the extract and launching it in supplement form in the early 21st century.

Today, we know it as Colostrinin.

But we STILL don’t know what its EXACT chemical structure is… or WHICH of its individual protein molecules is the most active.

That means its brain benefits are probably a result of ALL of its constituents working together in concert.

In a 2004 study out of Poland, taking PRPs helped STABILIZE or even IMPROVE conditions in 40% of participants with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.

And research shows that it actually works BETTER in those who need the most help – the elderly.

If you’re getting older… and your mind isn’t as young as it used to be

Colostrinin might be worth a try.

Because even if OTHER “brain boosters” have FAILED you

This one is different.

It ZEROES in on more than ONE root cause of cognitive impairment, providing a complex series of actions that include…

  • STIMULATING your immune system to clear your brain of toxins, and
  • DECREASING severity of inflammatory conditions.

As a result, Colostrinin EASES the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

It can ENHANCE cognitive function… long-term memory… and mood.

And it can DELAY the disappearance of spatial memory – the part of your memory center that helps you recognize where you are and where you’re going.

Imagine no more walking into the kitchen, trying to remember what brought you there…

NEVER getting lost on the way home…

And not having to go BACK to the store for something you forgot… EVER again!

You can find Colostrinin in such brand-name supplements as MemoryProtect by LifeExtension.

One of the studies I just mentioned used a dosage of 100 mcg… taken every other day for three weeks… followed by a two-week break.

You can also try your luck by taking supplements of immune-boosting colostrum. Just make sure it comes from hormone-free cows (particularly those that have not been treated with rBST).

Or, choose colostrum from goats… whose immune systems are much closer to humans’.

Any of these should be safe to take – unless you have problems digesting dairy.

Keep in mind that the feds FORBID supplement makers from telling you what their products can do

So, you may not see ANY mention of Alzheimer’s or cognitive decline on the package label!