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Could DIRTY drugs trigger a KILLER allergy? [Shocking truth revealed!]

It’s a danger your pharmacist NEVER warns you about when you’re picking up your prescriptions…

And that’s probably because he doesn’t know ANYTHING about this secret risk – one that could be LURKING in pharmaceutical meds across the country.

There’s nothing on the label to tip him off…

And Big Pharma wants to make sure the truth NEVER comes out about this hidden horror.

It’s not a side effect… a drug interaction… or a health hazard from taking the drug the wrong way.

Your pills may LOOK perfect…

But they could be harboring a “secret ingredient” that no one EVER intended to be there.

However, it’s clear that drugmakers aren’t doing enough to keep this CONTAMINANT out… and to keep YOU safe from it.

Because one wrong dose of a drug that’s ACCIDENTALLY been tainted could put you on the fast track to an early grave.

How tainted drugs can be DEADLY

It’s been DECADES since docs and hospital staff first started asking nearly every patient… like clockwork… whether they had a penicillin allergy.

Some of those who are allergic and encounter penicillin get off easy – they ONLY erupt into hives and a rash.

Others who are allergic to the drug experience an EXAGGERATED reaction and go into anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening condition.

You know how important it is to stay away from this antibiotic if you’re allergic to it…

But SLOPPY manufacturing processes could be sneaking some of it into your OTHER prescriptions!

And the majority of it is happening out of arm’s reach.

Since our last American penicillin plant closed its doors 15 years ago, our BIGGEST source of penicillin ingredients has become China.

Yet we have practically ZERO control over how drugs are made overseas!

Even our periodic inspections of the facilities aren’t enough to keep some of that penicillin from spilling over into the finished product of a different drug.

One FDA inspection of a UK-based drug facility found penicillin in non-penicillin manufacturing areas a whopping 187 times from 2012 to 2015!

Another FDA inspection earlier this year found the SAME EVIDENCE at a Turkish facility – more than 150 times from 2017 through June 2019.

That’s not just a violation of protective measures that aren’t being used…

But actual PROOF that cross-contamination is HAPPENING!

And that poses a SIGNIFICANT risk to untold numbers of vulnerable patients.

As the agency expressed to the drugmaker in a warning letter, “No safe level of penicillin contamination has been determined to be a tolerable risk.”

According to the FDA’s own guidance for preventing cross-contamination, even the TINIEST amount of exposure to penicillin could cause an allergic reaction.

The dose could be so low, in fact, that our current scientific methods can’t even MEASURE it!

This gets worse…

Correspondence between the FDA and the violating companies can go back and forth for months… or even YEARS… before the situation is actually CLEANED UP.

If it’s EVER cleaned up.

Some drug companies’ decontamination plans are woefully LACKING.

Especially since you can’t just sweep the floor… or hose the facility down.

In 2010, one major drug company had to DEMOLISH its former penicillin-making facilities in order to prevent its new drugs from becoming contaminated.

The company flattened 60 buildings to guarantee that traces of even the most MINISCULE amounts of penicillin – which hasn’t been made there since 2004 – WOULDN’T remain.

Just imagine what’s happening in manufacturing facilities that are STILL processing penicillin.

Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t require ANY labels to list the drug’s country of origin.

But having that information probably wouldn’t help you much.

ONLY fill a prescription when the drug is absolutely necessary.

 And while you’re at it, it’s a good idea to look for natural alternatives to the rest of Big Pharma’s dirty drugs, too.