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Discovered! Mexican fruit OBLITERATES colon cancer

Let’s face it… there’s nothing pleasant about getting a colonoscopy.

But we put up with the pain… the discomfort… and the bleeding… for one VERY good reason.

Nobody… and I mean NOBODY… wants to get colon cancer.

It’s deadly

And the mainstream’s scorched-earth treatments are absolutely BRUTAL.

They’ll be cutting out sections of your colon… and hooking you to a chemo drip… so fast it’ll make your head spin.

But what if you could beat colon cancer… without EVER resorting to these dangerous treatments?

This could be your reality…

Because there’s an exotic Mexican fruit that DESTROYS colon cancer cells.

And the best part is that it can start delivering results in just ONE WEEK.

The FAST ‘South of the Border’ cancer cure

A recent animal study has found that THE KEY to curing colon cancer could be a strange Mexican plant called white sapote (Casimiroa edulis).

In Mexico, they call this tropical fruit “zapote blanco,” a riff on the ancient Aztec name for the fruit.

In this country, we refer to it as the “Mexican apple.”

But while it’s NOT the type of apple you’d normally eat a day to keep the doctor away…

It MIGHT actually keep you out of the oncologist’s office!

White sapote contains a flavone compound called zapotin that, studies have shown, can stop cancer IN ITS TRACKS.

Particularly colon cancer.

Which brings us back to the study I just mentioned.

When researchers fed cancerous mice zapotin that had been extracted from white sapote seeds, their cancer began to disappear.

That’s right. It VANISHED.

After just one week!

The white sapote STOPPED THE CANCER in its tracks by setting off apoptosis – or, in other words, causing the cancer cells to KILL themselves.

But here’s the best part

The white sapote extract helped kill cancer in EVERY SINGLE COLON CANCER CELL LINE STUDIED.

It NEVER failed… even once.

You sure can’t say that about chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation.

The extract also improved the levels of a MAJOR biomarker associated with healthy colon function — an enzyme called hexosaminidase.

Folks whose colons stay in tip-top shape have levels of this enzyme that are MUCH higher than folks who develop visible signs of colon cancer (namely, aberrant crypt foci).

Even better? White sapote supplements are easy to find online (even on popular websites like Amazon).

Just a reminder, though – any time you’re being treated for cancer, always talk to your doc about any supplements you’re taking.