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BANISHED fruit could bring fireworks back to the bedroom

You’ve been dreading this moment.

Your spouse gives you “the look”…

And you’ve got to come up with an excuse – because you might not be able to “deliver.”

The worst part is… you’ve stopped even TRYING.

You don’t even BOTHER to get STARTED… if you’re not going to be able to FINISH.

Maybe your body and mind just aren’t on the same page…

Or maybe for far too long, that page has been the evening newspaper… instead of the Kama Sutra.

It’s not too late to turn over a new leaf.

Because there’s an EXOTIC fruit that just might bring a taste of the EROTIC back into your relationship.

This fruit gets you ready for DESSERT

In Southeast Asia, this fruit has been BANISHED from some hotels and public transportation, including train stations and airports.

That explains why you rarely find it outside of countries like Malaysia or the Philippines.

But it’s not that the local governments want to keep their supply of this fruit all to themselves…

Quite the opposite! Exporting it helps their local economies tremendously.

This, however, is NO ordinary fruit.

It’s called “durian” – and it’s one of the SMELLIEST foods on Earth!

Its FOUL scent is so strong… animals like elephants and lions can smell it from MILES away… and travel long distances to snack on it.

Also known as “king of fruits,” it’s also one of the TASTIEST things you could eat… IF you can get past its distinctive odor.

But its creamy texture and unusual flavor on their own would NEVER be enough to get millions of folks past the STINK of durian.

It brings something else to the table.

Beneath its thorn-covered rind, you’ll find an aphrodisiac whose powers extend WAY beyond local folklore.

The Indonesians have a saying that sums up the fruit’s so-called erotic qualities

“The durian falls and the sarong comes up.”

I can’t imagine any OTHER benefit being enough to convince the locals to get past its RANK odor!

Durian’s ability to get you “raring to go” may have been elevated to MYTHIC proportions…

But its VERY REAL health benefits include:

  • STRONGER heart health and blood flow
  • INCREASED energy
  • DELAYED aging, and
  • ELEVATED mood.

And all of those factors together can make it much easier… and pleasurable… to bring some HEAT into the bedroom.

Its nutritional profile seems to confirm that, with a high concentration of beta-carotene (balances testosterone)… oleic acid (regulates blood pressure and flow)… and the flavonoid myricetin (boosts endurance).

Maybe that’s why Southeast Asians SWEAR by durian’s ability to increase BOTH libido and stamina.

Are they right?

I can’t think of a better excuse to do a little research on your own.

The most common variety of durian… and probably the only kind you’ll find here in the States… is Durio zibethinus.

Look for it at your local Asian specialty market, probably in the frozen section.