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DESTROY tumors by harvesting this ‘morning weed’

If there were something that could ERASE more than HALF of your cancer cells

And it was a vegetable you could eat, as safe as ANY leafy green

Would you wait even ONE SECOND to start chowing down?

I know I wouldn’t.

So why hasn’t ANYBODY heard of a Polynesian plant that’s been TREASURED for THOUSANDS of years

And has PROVEN itself in laboratory studies?

Instead of being APPLAUDED as a potent weapon in your cancer-fighting arsenal

It’s been relegated to the status of a weed!

Imagine — a natural medicine that can grow ANYWHERE!

But the fact that it grows TOO well is what makes it a pest to some folks.

Here’s why you’ll want to WELCOME it with open arms (and a healthy appetite).

Kill cancer… with ‘hog feed’?

Like its cousin the dandelion, sow thistle is part of the daisy family

But THESE yellow flowers open ONLY during the morning.

Native to New Zealand… where it’s known as “puha”… it was one of the diet STAPLES of the indigenous Maori tribe.

In fact, its scientific name — Sonchus oleraceus — is Greek and Latin for “edible hollow stems.”

Across the globe, it became popular among European farmers whose livestock – especially their pigs – LOVED to eat it.

And as it turns out… the swine were onto something!

Research has ranked sow thistle’s antioxidant activity at SUPERFOOD level

And the herb also exhibits strong anti-inflammatory properties.

But that’s not all…

It’s also a bona fide cancer KILLER!

In a 2010 study, Chinese researchers found that sow thistle beat back BOTH liver and blood cancer cells in a lab dish.

Its anti-cancer action was twofold…

Its extract DECREASED cell viability… and INDUCED “cell suicide” (a.k.a. apoptosis).

n a 2007 in vitro study out of Korea, sow thistle extract helped SUPPRESS the growth of stomach cancer cells.  

 And not just by a little bit… but by 65%!

Sow thistle contains several anti-cancer compounds, including flavonoidsursolic acid… and saponins

Which is why you should NEVER mow it if you see it growing in your own backyard.

Harvest it!

And if you’re not lucky enough for this so-called “noxious weed” to INVADE where you live… you can find sow thistle extract at your local health food store or online.