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FIRE UP your ‘memory factory’ with this Bulgarian dementia ANTIDOTE

You recognize their face… but for the life of you, you can’t recall their name.

And you can get away with calling them “Buddy” or “Neighbor” so many times before they’re ONTO you.

Occasional brain burps happen to everybody as we age…

But for those who suffer from dementia, the ability to remember even the simplest details of everyday life comes to a SCREECHING HALT.

And those memory impairments aren’t just embarrassing… or even inconvenient (like when you can’t find the car keys).

They can be DISABLING – especially when you can’t retain any NEW information.

Even your doc isn’t very optimistic about your drug options.

There IS one ingredient that DOES work…

But the version that the FDA has approved carries MISERABLE and DANGEROUS side effect risks.

Here’s why you should get back to basics… and return to this compound’s NATURAL source!

Cognitive enhancer COUNTERACTS memory loss

Galanthus refers to several species of winter-blooming flowers called snowdrops.

They grow throughout the former U.S.S.R.… where the wintery weather can persist as late as April!

In England, they’re known as “snowpiercer” for the way they can shoot up through a blanket of the white stuff.

These flowering plants are beautiful…

But they’ve also been RENOWNED as an antidote to memory loss ever since Homer wrote about it in his epic poem, The Odyssey.

The bulbs and flowers of this cousin of the lily contain a neuroprotective alkaloid called galantamine.

Scientists have found it in at least three different snowdrop species:

  1. Galanthus nivalis (common snowdrop).
  2. Galanthus woronowii (Voronov’s snowdrop), and
  3. Galanthus caucasicus (Caucasian snowdrop)

This natural chemical protects your brain so well… it’s piqued the interest of both U.S. and Russian military forces in counteracting the effects of weaponized nerve agents.

Bulgarian chemist Dimitar Paskov first took notice of this folk cure when he observed Balkan peasants rubbing their heads with the plant!

In 1956, he and his team first isolated its active compound… and Bulgaria approved it as an Alzheimer’s treatment in 1958.

The Bulgarian scientists discovered that galantamine works by INHIBITING acetylcholinesterase (AChE).

That’s the enzyme that gobbles up the neurotransmitter acetylcholine… and makes more of it available for your brain to use.

And those two actions ENHANCE cognitive processes that rely on it (known as “cholinergic”).

That, of course, includes your “memory factory” – particularly the ability to form NEW memories.

It’s best used when the memory loss has progressed BEYOND mild cognitive impairment… and onto more serious conditions like vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Now, when you take a version of isolated galantamine that’s been SYNTHESIZED by Big Pharma… you’re in for some side effects.

You could become nauseous… or even vomit.

The pharmaceutical version of this alkaloid – first approved by the FDA in 2001 — could even slow your heart rate down too much.

But that’s because drug companies have created a MONSTER version of this natural compound in their laboratories!

That was the only way they could make it nearly 100% bioavailable… and GUARANTEE that it would achieve its peak effect within an hour of taking it.

Like most drugs, it hits you with a sledgehammer.

Most natural extracts aren’t a “quick fix”…

But in the long run, they work BETTER as their effects become compounded.

Remember – ANY treatment will only work if you can actually TOLERATE it.

And for some, the gastrointestinal complaints and other side effects associated with the drug-based galantamine aren’t tolerable for LOTS of folks who DESPERATELY need its beneficial effects.

Imagine if all those people knew that a SAFER… GENTLER… and more NATURAL version of the SAME cognitive cure exists…

And that it can be found in “snowdrop gardens” throughout England and the rest of Europe!

Fortunately, the naturally occurring form of galantamine is also available in supplement form.

Remember – you want ACTUAL plant extracts!

If your doc has to PRESCRIBE it… and the label contains unpronounceable mumbo-jumbo like “Galantamine hydrobromide”… it’s NOT from the flower.