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RESET your digestion… and get ‘regular’… in just 4 weeks!

Are you losing your PATIENCE with constipation?

I mean… what a waste of time!


You sit… straining… and waiting for something that may NEVER come.

And when you’re not in the bathroom, you feel weighed downuncomfortable… and stagnant.

You KNOW you’ve got to get things moving down there…

But so many of Big Pharma’s “solutions” can cause bloatinggasdiarrhea… or even dehydration!

Talk about “all or nothing!”

But there is a “sweet spot” for your digestive health — one where you can stay consistently “regular” rather than swinging back and forth between the two extremes.

And there’s a totally NATURAL way to get there.

It’s an exotic, tropical fruit… that’s also DELICIOUS to eat!

Take 2 of these every day… and NEVER look back!

Before the 1960s, no one in this country had ever HEARD of the kiwi… much less SEEN it in the produce aisle… or TASTED it.

But then in the mid-1970s, exporters from New Zealand campaigned to bring this fruit (Actinidia deliciosa) to other countries around the world.

And thank goodness they did!

Because although they’re originally Chinese in origin… kiwi fruit are now grown in California, which means we can get them all year.

The bright green flesh (hidden beneath a fuzzy brown skin) doesn’t just taste terrific…

It also can help REGULATE a poop pattern that’s gotten off schedule.

Kiwi has been shown to help produce stools that are bulkiersofter… and more frequent.

It’s not a laxative that’ll leave you “sitting on the throne” for hours on end…

But it does have some laxative action, especially since it’s LOADED with vitamin C and natural fiber (both soluble and insoluble).

It also contains a natural enzyme called actinidain, known for its ability to support healthy digestion.

You can find kiwi fruit pulp available in chewable tablet form under the brand name “Kiwi Balance.

Look for it at your local pharmacy… health food store… or online.

Or, simply indulge in fresh, organic kiwi. You can eat the whole fruit – fiber-rich fuzzy peel and all – but most folks like to scoop out the green innards with a spoon.

You can also blend it into a smoothie… or eat it for dessert to help aid in the digestion of your meal.

According to a 2007 study out of China, eating two kiwi fruits per day over the course of one month should set your stool schedule straight.

It’s perfectly safe to eat… UNLESS you have a kiwi allergy.

If you’re not sure whether you’re allergic, try a little bit first as a test and look for signs like an itchy throat, swelling, trouble swallowing, vomiting, or hives.