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CRUSH this common cause of ‘pee pain’… with ZERO side effects!

You’re not alone.

Hardly ANYBODY can tolerate the drugs they’ll give you for kidney stones!

When you’re already drinking BUCKETS of water… and you’ve made EVERY dietary change under the sun…

It can seem like you’ll be stuck with the STABBING pain of occasional kidney stone flare-ups FOREVER.

Your doc is talking surgery to remove them…

But that should only be your LAST RESORT.

There’s something else — and I GUARANTEE you haven’t tried it yet.

It’s a tropical remedy that can be found hiding deep in the Brazilian rainforest

But it’s as SAFE as if it were growing in your own backyard.

Leave no stone unbroken

In South America, there’s one tried-and-true herbal ENEMY of kidney stones.

Scientists call it Phyllanthus niruri after the Greek words for “leaves” and “flowers”…

But where it crawls along the wet ground in the Amazon… or along the Amazon River… it looks more like a fern.

According to a 2010 meta-analysis out of Brazil, this herb works to prevent kidney stone formation by STOPPING crystals from sticking together.

You see, even NORMAL, HEALTHY people may form those crystals in their urine… but they don’t cause ANY problems unless they clump up and form “stones.”

Now, this rainforest remedy it didn’t earn the nickname “stone breaker” (“quebra pedras”) out of nowhere.

If you’ve already formed kidney stones, it can help break them up and smooth out their rough edges… and help you pass them more easily!

In a 2018 study, Brazilian researchers found that an IV infusion of this herb over the course of three months reduced the size of the participants’ kidney stones.

And they weren’t just a little bit smaller…
Stone size was reduced by an average of 37.5%!

Now, most folks can’t get this “stone breaker” intravenously.

Brazilians usually drink it as a tea.

And that’s been enough to reduce inflammation… and take the edge off the pain… for THOUSANDS of years.

Look for loose tea leaves or powder in capsule form at your local health food store or online, sometimes also called “chanca piedra.”