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Just a few drops of THIS… and you can bid FAREWELL to arthritis pain

No matter what kind of arthritis you’ve been diagnosed with…

You’ve got one thing in common with ALL other arthritis sufferers.

You’re in pain.

And NOTHING seems to help.

That’s because Big Pharma expects you to choke down pill after pill… and WAIT while your digestive system DESTROYS them before they can get to work.

But a pill isn’t a solution for everything…

And you’ve got NO time to kill!

Because the aches and pains of arthritis are slowly CHIPPING AWAY at your livelihood.

You don’t need to suffer any more.

You can DROP THE AXE on arthritis – with an ancient remedy that continues to WOW all those who study it.

A Roman king’s ‘mountain cure’

Nowadays, you might see hedge euphorbia (Euphorbia neriifolia) planted as a decorative “privacy shield” around residential homes.

But the ancient Greek physician it’s named after, Euphorbus, first discovered it growing in the wild in the Atlas Mountain range of what’s now North Africa.

He provided personalized medical care to King Juba II of the kingdoms of Numidia and Mauretania – or present-day Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Legend has it that once he discovered what would become his namesake… he included it as an ingredient in nearly ALL of his potions.

That was during the decades just before and after the birth of Christ.

But its use on the Indian subcontinent goes back even farther… to THOUSANDS of years ago.

This succulent is ALSO known as the “Indian spurge tree.”

The ancient medical practice of Ayurveda calls it “Snuhi” (or “Snoohi”) and “Sehund”… and uses the plant’s heated leaves topically to ease pain and inflammation.

An oil from euphorbia is also used externally to treat gout (or “gouty arthritis”)…

And the plant’s latex (or milky secretion) is included in an Ayurvedic herbal oil blend known as Vishatinduka Taila, also used for gout.

Ayurveda even uses the plant’s “juice” to treat rheumatoid arthritis!

And now, scientists in the lab are confirming what the ancient healers have known for ages

Its extract’s actions have PROVEN to be…

  • anesthetic
  • analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant, and
  • immunomodulatory.

So it should come as no surprise that it’s also considered an anti-arthritic POWERHOUSE.

A 2009 study found that the plant’s ability to relieve pain was comparable to that of a pharmaceutical NSAID.

The key may be in the presence of a triterpene compound called neriifolione.

But that also may be just the FIRST of MANY compounds that turn out to work in concert with each other to beat back arthritis.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend you go munching on your neighbor’s hedges… or cracking one open and collecting the milk for yourself.

The milky latex can actually be TOXIC – unless it’s used in EXACTLY the right way.

And fortunately, you don’t have resort to harvesting it yourself.

Look for euphorbia in pill, powder, or tincture form at your local Asian specialty market (alongside other herbal remedies).

You can also find euphorbia oil online.

Even better, an Ayurvedic practitioner can make sure you get the exact right kind… in the PERFECT amount for you.