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Russian military secret helps you SURVIVE menopause [Crazy!]

Russian military secret helps you SURVIVE menopause [Crazy!]

Menopausal women everywhere are turning to NATURE for relief from their physical discomfortmood issues… and plummeting energy.

Your doc will tell you not to fall for ANYTHING he considers “folklore”…

But MANY medical miracles are offered by so-called “folk” remedies!

For instance, there’s a fatigue-fighting superberry that may arouse your mental energy… AND get you raring to go.

It comes from a part of Russia that’s so remote… it was cut off from the rest of the country, with no access to highways,  until 2010.

For CENTURIES, indigenous Siberian hunters have consumed a tea brewed from this berry to help reduce their exhaustion.

And it can shift YOUR stamina into high gear, too…

Not just physically — but emotionally and even sexually, too.

If menopause has got you down, here’s the Russian secret that can lift you back up.

Boost your stamina with this Siberian ‘superberry’

Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) has been touted as an “anti-aging miracle”…

But when you’re going through menopause, your AGE isn’t the problem.

It’s your HORMONES!

And I’m not just talking about your “lady parts” that stop pumping out as much estrogen as they used to.

Because a CRITICAL part of maintaining a healthy hormone balance sits on top of your kidneys…

Your adrenal glands.

And menopausal women everywhere often suffer from adrenal fatigue.

Your “female hormones” like estrogen and progesterone may be waning… but your “stress hormones” like cortisol could also be SKYROCKETING.

That can wear you outstress you out… and dry you out “down there.”

Which brings us back to schisandra.

There’s good reason why Traditional Chinese Medicine considers this berry one of its 50 fundamental herbs… and has included it in EVERY SINGLE ONE of its medical texts.

It can do it all!

The Chinese call the schisandra berry “běi wǔ wèi zi,” which translates to mean “Northern five-flavor-fruit.”

Take a bite, and you’ll experience more flavors at once than you EVER have before:

  1. salty
  2. sweet
  3. sour
  4. bitter, and
  5. hot (spicy).

In TCM, each of those flavors corresponds with a therapeutic action.

And that’s what tipped the Chinese off as to how useful schisandra could be.

In modern herbalism, we call schisandra an adaptogen for how it can increase your feelings of well-being through this multi-modal approach.

It’s so powerful, it caught the attention of the Russian military during World War II…

And starting in the 1950s and ’60s, Russian scientists spent DECADES researching how schisandra could benefit populations beyond soldiers in combat.

Here’s what they discovered…

By STIMULATING your adrenal gland, schisandra also…

  • RELIEVES stress
  • PROMOTES a healthy energy balance
  • ENHANCES your cognitive function, including concentration, attention, alertness, and speed of thinking, and
  • IMPROVES sexual desire and performance.

Any ONE of those improvements would be a GODSEND to a menopausal woman.

But schisandra doesn’t stop there…

Because a 2016 study out of South Korea found that it ALSO can significantly reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, sweating, and heart palpitations.

The key compounds in schisandra appears to be a group of plant nutrients called lignans

Because they’re plant-based estrogen compounds, they have similar estrogenic activity to the “female hormones” whose levels are dipping during menopause.

It’s the lignan content of flaxseed that makes it such a powerful tool in beating back menopausal symptoms…

But schisandra contains unique lignans you won’t find ANYWHERE else.

The Russians ultimately placed schisandra into the State Pharmacopoeia of the former USSR, with the FULL stamp of approval from the Russian Ministry of Health.

In this country, mainstream medicine is still skeptical

Which makes schisandra berry a “supplement” instead of “medicine.”

You can eat schisandra berries fresh or juiced… but most folks outside of China and far eastern Russia don’t care for the five-flavor combination.

Fortunately, it’s available as an extract in capsule or tincture form. Most therapeutic doses tend to be between 500 to 1,000 mg.

To going through “the change” gracefully,

Melissa Young