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Drug-free ‘ear trick’ BOOSTS Parkinson’s patients in body… and mind!

Every year, Parkinson’s disease is DISABLING Americans at an alarming rate.

By the year 2020, nearly a million people in this country will be living with it.

When it happens to you, you can’t carry out your daily routine… and your quality of life takes a NOSEDIVE.

There’s NO known cure…

And the condition gets WORSE with the passage of time.

But you’re not helpless against Parkinson’s.

You can slow… or even stop… its progression.

And the latest research shows how you could even REVERSE the symptoms!

It’s noninvasivesafe… and effective

And soon, you may be able to do it within the comfort of your own home.

Dramatic improvements in just 8 weeks

It’s a device called ThermoNeuroModulation, or TNM for short – and you use it to perform a therapy known as caloric vestibular stimulation (CVS).

That’s a fancy way of saying you stick something into your ear to stimulate your brain.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study (the “gold standard”) published earlier this year, researchers at the University of Kent found that Parkinson’s patients who used the device at home twice daily experienced MAJOR improvements in their condition.

After just eight weeks, the therapy improved their…

  • movement and mobility
  • decision-making
  • memory
  • mood, and
  • sleep.

And even after ceasing treatment, the effects were still apparent five weeks later!

These latest findings confirm what a case study reported in 2016…

For one man, using the device over the course of three months helped SLASH the motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s by 50%.

And all it took was two 20-minute sessions per day.

In his case, the benefits lingered for five MONTHS.

Now, it’s important to know that this latest study out of the UK focused on Parkinson’s patients who were already taking medication for the disease.

Clearly, the drugs left LOTS of room for improvement.

We don’t yet know what this ear canal stimulation could do for patients who are trying to manage their disease without drugs… or for whom drugs don’t help at all.

Those results will be REALLY exciting!

The TNM device is simple to use – simply put on a special pair of headphones that are wired to a small, digital control unit.

It’s almost just like listening to your old iPod or Walkman!

Now, the FDA has approved the device – but, so far anyway, only for migraine headaches.

Keep your eyes open for the device’s manufacturer, Scion NeuroStim, to clear it for additional indications.

It’s likely that other device manufacturers will jump on this bandwagon, too – that is, if research continues to be this promising.

To keeping an ear out,

Melissa Young