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Malpractice KILLED this hero ‘moonwalker’ [Spaceman scandal!]

When astronaut Neil Armstrong died in 2012, we mourned his passing…

But we all just assumed that, at age 82, his time had come.

After all, he had gone in for heart surgery

But his sons INSIST that something far more SHOCKING led to the American hero’s death.

And according to leaked documents, their heartbreaking suspicions were SPOT ON.

The hero astronaut DIDN’T have to die after heart surgery. It WASN’T yet his time.

Here’s what one hospital NEVER wanted to get out…

And what you NEED to know to prepare for your next operation or hospital stay.

A secret settlement

The first man to walk on the moon didn’t die on the table DURING bypass surgery.

Remember – this was a guy who PROVED to be of the UTMOST physical fitness for the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

Even in his later years, he was strong as an ox.

So, what was it about the two weeks FOLLOWING the operation that he couldn’t survive…

When he was one of the FEW brave men to survive OUTER SPACE?

His sons say that it was “incompetent post-surgical care.”

According to documents leaked to The New York Times by an anonymous source, Mercy Health Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio paid the Armstrong family a $6 million malpractice settlement.

It’s a STUNNING mea culpa… even if the hospital has publicly defended the care it provided.

But these unsealed documents… which were supposed to stay private FOREVER… tell a different story.

Here’s what happened in those CRUCIAL moments that made the difference between life and death.

When nurses removed the wires for a temporary pacemaker, Armstrong suffered life-threatening bleeding in his chest.

It was a “code blue” situation… and his blood pressure PLUMMETED.

Docs SHOULD have sent him straight to the operating room…

But instead, they made “a nonstandard decision” – one that proved to be LETHAL.

They delayed emergency surgery and first brought Armstrong into the catheterization lab for evaluation … wasting PRECIOUS time that could’ve saved his life.

And looking back, some experts are even questioning the rush to get Armstrong into that initial bypass surgery.

If the operation wasn’t TRULY necessary, this whole tragedy might’ve been AVOIDED… and Armstrong might still be with us today.

There’s a bigger issue at hand…

If hospital staff don’t do EVERYTHING in their power to save the life of one of our most BELOVED Americans

How can we trust them with our own lives?

Reports place medical errors as the #3 cause of death in the U.S.

But considering how many of these go UNREPORTED… or are DENIED by providers who are TRULY at fault…

I’m betting that mistakes like this happen often enough to make them the TOP cause of death!

And that’s especially true among the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable to overtreatment, treatment delays, and medication errors.

First and foremost, don’t let them cut you open unless you’ve exhausted ALL non-invasive therapies.

Surgery is a cash cow – not just for the surgeon, but also for the anesthesiologist, the hospital where you’ll stay, and the insurance company.

But they don’t have to squeeze every little penny out of YOU.

If you MUST have an operation, get a buddy – a spouse, adult child, friend, sibling – to come with you and watch them LIKE A HAWK.

If you can’t ask questions on your own behalf, rely on someone who’ll put your providers under the Spanish Inquisition.

The more questions they’re asked… the more they’ll double-check their work.

To surviving surgery,

Melissa Young