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Fiery kitchen secret brings HOT ACTION back into the bedroom

Your pulse quickens. You break into a sweat. 

As your senses are heightened… your pupils dilate. 

And you YEARN for more. 

If you can’t remember the last time you felt that way in the bedroom… and you thought your libido was gone for good…  I’ve got good news for you. 

There’s a way to bring that old feeling back… 

And it starts at the dinner table. 

Because the fiery flames of a certain type of food can make you feel not only hot… 

But also HOT TO TROT! 

Here’s how to reignite your passion – with a humble garden crop 

‘New World’ sex trick sets you aflame 

In the 15th century, there was one bounty that Columbus brought back to Europe from the Americas, whose popularity spread like… well, wildfire. 

Hot peppers. 

A staple of Caribbean and Central and South American, these peppers give bland foods a unique flavor… and something else that was even more unusual. 


And centuries later, if there’s one thing that separates man from beast… it’s our love of chili peppers. 

No other mammal will dare TOUCH them – much less eat them. 

That’s probably a blessing…  

Because the active component of chili peppers in the genus Capsicum (including cayenne) – called “capsaicin does more than set our mouths on fire. 

This compound, known as an alkaloid, has emerged as a powerful pain reliever AND bedroom booster. 

Both effects come from how the heat of these chilis stimulates your nerve endings and helps release endorphins. 

These “feel good” hormones send pain packing and elevate your mood 

Even just TASTING hot peppers can increase your heart rate! 

You see, capsaicin triggers pain receptors in your tongue and mouth, called TRPV1 receptors 

Your mouth isn’t ACTUALLY on fire… 

But that burning sensation causes the same type of adrenaline “rush” you’d get if you were truly in danger. 

And it’s practically EUPHORIC.  

Your blood starts pumping EVERYWHERE in your body… reawakening parts you thought were in a state of PERMANENT hibernation! 

Men, you might find yourselves ROCK-HARD – for the first time in YEARS. 

And ladies, you could remember what it’s like to be “open for business” again… DOWN THERE… with ZERO hesitation. 

Now, this “high” is temporary… but it’s just as powerful as any opiate. 

Once it arouses your senses, you’ll want to LEAP into action! 

Capsaicin is often marketed as a weight-loss supplement and metabolic booster – but for the libido benefits, you might need to actually put some of it on your tongue.  

Start with the mildest hot sauce there is – say, Tabasco – and work your way up from there.  

Most folks feel PLENTY of burn from jalapeno or cayenne peppers… and can’t tolerate anything hotter than habaneros 

You can even grow your own!