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Chase STABBING gout pain away… without DESTROYING your gut!

It’s one of the most COMMON inflammatory conditions that affects your joints. 

Yet what the mainstream offers to EASE the AGONY comes up short 

To say the least! 

When your gout flares up, you’d do ANYTHING to make the stabbing, shooting pain go away.  

Your doc will steer you towards OTC pain relievers like NSAIDs…  

But those drugs can wreak HAVOC on your gut 

They can even make your stomach bleed! 

That’s the choice most gout sufferers THINK they have to make… if they ever want to walk again. 

It’s not true. 

There’s something else that WON’T tear up your stomach…  

But it WILL erase the CRIPPLING inflammation… and get you back on your feet.  

Regal herb gets rid of ROYAL pain 

In ancient Celtic times, meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) was considered among the three most sacred herbs. 

Common throughout the meadows of the British Isles, it’s still harvested in July while it’s flowering – and later dried for medicinal use. 

Top-ranking Druids called it their Queen of the Meadow 

And throughout Western Europe… even as far as Austria… it’s still TREASURED as a traditional herbal medicine for gout 

You see, small amounts of aspirin-like compounds are present in meadowsweet’s flower heads 

These compounds are known as salicylates – and scientists first isolated them from meadowsweet in the late 1830s 

That was a decade after salicylic acid was extracted from white willow bark and synthesized it into what we know today as aspirin. 

Like aspirin, meadowsweet exhibits non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) action by inhibiting the COX2 enzyme 

Its tannin content further decreases inflammation 

However, meadowsweet is easier on your stomach than aspirin, which can cause gastric bleeding and ulceration.  

In fact, meadowsweet contains a slippery material called mucilage that actually PROTECTS your stomach lining from damage. 

It’s nature’s own “buffered” aspirin… and some of the SAFEST you can find! 

And its diuretic action addresses the root cause of the gout, rather than simply masking the pain.  

Traditionally, you would steep dried meadowsweet in hot water to make a tea. 

Fortunately, this herb is known for its pleasant taste AND aroma 

You can also find meadowsweet supplements in capsule or tincture form. 

It may take a day to start working… but its effects will continue to compound as you continue taking it.  

The longer you take it, the better you’ll feel.  

But if you’ve previously shown a hypersensitivity to salicylates, you should avoid meadowsweet as well as white willow bark and slippery elm bark. 

It’s also not recommended if you’ve got asthma.  

Otherwise, it’s safe for most people.