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‘Cooling’ Chinese herb EXTINGUISHES fiery respiratory flare-ups

It’s enough to stop you DEAD in your tracks.  

Your chest tightens… and you can’t get ANY air. 

Try breathing in OR out… and all you get is a wheeze 

When asthma attacks, your airways have OVERREACTED 

And all it took was the drop of a hat. 

But thankfully, this EXCESSIVE immune reaction – which is much like an allergy — is REVERSIBLE! 

And you can open up your airways… and CLEAR what’s obstructing your breath.   

Whether you’ve struggled with asthma your whole life… or you developed the condition later in life… there’s an ancient Chinese secret you need to know about.  

Because as you get older, it becomes more likely that asthma could KILL you. 

And taking a leap of faith on an exotic herb just might save your life.  

The chest-opening Chinese secret 

There’s no need to let asthma threaten your livelihood, as it progresses to respiratory failure 

You can start treating it upon your FIRST attack! 

And if you’ve been struggling to control it for some time now, there’s something you should try before your NEXT attack 

It’s NOT an inhaler 

Oral steroids are even WORSE for seniors than for younger folks (and that’s saying a lot).  

No, it’s a funny-looking vegetable that ancient physicians first discovered 2,000 years ago.  

It’s Adenophora tetraphylla, or simply “adenophora.” 

Gardeners may know the “japonica” variety by the nickname Japanese lady bell. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine, however, calls it Nan Sha Shen… and holds it in the HIGHEST regard 

Proponents of this ancient medical practice will tell you that the sundried root of adenophora will “clear the heat” of your lungs. 

In modern Western terms, that just means it’s a POWERFUL anti-inflammatory for your respiratory system. 

Now, we know that asthma is associated with the excess production of inflammatory markers (cytokines) and white blood cells (eosinophils) 

The MORE of these found in your bronchial lining and lungs… the more SEVERE your asthma 

That’s why EXTINGUISHING this heat is CRUCIAL to getting your breath back.  

In a 2008 study out of South Korea, researchers found that giving adenophora to asthmatic mice… 

  • DECREASED histamine release 
  • SUPPRESSED inflammation, including IL-4 secretion 
  • INHIBITED hypersensitive airway constriction, and  
  • SHIELDED against airway tissue damage 

It also reined in the BONKERS immune response by keeping T-cell activity from spiraling out of control.  

The result? 

Improved total airflow in the lungs 

After all, when you’re having an asthma attack, there’s only ONE thing you want to do…  


You can find adenophora root in supplement form or as a loose, dried herb – usually labeled in Latin as either “Adenophorae Radix” or “Radix Adenophorae.” 

An integrative doc well-versed in Chinese herbalism can recommend the right herbal blend that includes adenophora.