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DEBUNK the ‘old age’ myth with this ancient Chinese ‘beauty secret’

The most MISUNDERSTOOD generation today isn’t comprised of young people… 

It’s the HUGE population that’s heading straight for “old age”! 

Reach a certain age… and the ONLY explanation your doc can offer for ANY complaint is just MADDENING. 

“Well… you ARE getting older…” he’ll say. 

That’s B.S. because we all know an 80-year-old who doesn’t look a DAY over 60.  

Visible signs of aging are CAUSED by many factors, including:  

  1. excess inflammation  
  2. oxidative stress and damage, and  
  3. poor blood circulation. 

Looking “old” isn’t inevitable… especially when you’ve got plenty of good years left in you. 

Fortunately, there’s a way to REDUCE skin wrinkles and brown spotsFIRM UP a sagging faceFLATTEN your belly… and MORE 

Shave YEARS off your age… in just 3 months? 

One of the four most beautiful ladies in ancient China was Yang Guifei whose face reportedly put all flowers to shame. 

The secret to her beauty? 

According to legend, it was her favorite fruitthe lychee (Litchi chinensis) 

It may look a little funny but under that red, bumpy skin, you’ll find the delicious white flesh that Yang loved so much. 

Lychee has recently become a source for a powerful, anti-aging antioxidant that can… 

  • SUPPORT healthy levels of inflammation 
  • NEUTRALIZE free radicals, and  
  • IMPROVE blood flow. 

It’s called Oligonol – and it’s comprised of polyphenols naturally found in lychee fruit. 

But with one difference… 

Because it’s extracted by a proprietary manufacturing process, your body can absorb these phenolic compounds MORE EASILY than if you’d gotten them straight from the fruit. 

In fact, Oligonol is THREE TIMES as bioavailable as unprocessed lychee fruit polyphenols 

That means that these antioxidants don’t just go in one end and out the other… but actually make their way into your BLOODSTREAM. 

That’s the ONLY way that those antioxidants can reach every nook and cranny of your body… and make the signs of aging DISAPPEAR. 

In fact, studies have shown that even after 4 to 6 hours, blood concentrations of the polyphenols in Oligonol are STILL high! 

This antioxidant powerhouse appears to promote healthy aging by inducing the activity of the “anti-aging molecule” known as SIRT1 

SIRT1 is known for influencing certain gene expressions and even having a positive effect on metabolic control 

But here’s what you REALLY care about.  

You can SEE the difference starting with your face. 

Oligonol has been shown to protect your skin from sun exposure – especially the UV damage associated with the expression of COX-2. 

By inhibiting this inflammatory marker, Oligonol can help PRESERVE the collagen proteins in your skin… and RETAIN the elasticity that keeps your face from sagging 

In one clinical trial, Oligonol decreased two MAJOR signs of aging in folks over age 40: 

  1. number and total area of age spots, and 
  2. length and total area of eye wrinkles (“crow’s feet”). 

And all it took was two doses every day and over the course of just THREE MONTHS.  

That’s right – it can take as little as 12 weeks to take YEARS off your face! 

Even better, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of Oligonol can ALSO help offset the negative effects of stress. 

Oligonol can actually help reduce your levels of the stress hormone,” cortisol – one of the BIGGEST culprits behind visceral a.k.a. “belly” fat. 

If you’ve already found your waistline expanding after DECADES of stress, don’t dismay.  

A 2009 study published in Phytotherapy Research found that Oligonol may actually help STIMULATE the breakdown of fat. 

And finally, nothing can make you feel like you’re one step closer to the grave than offering a cold, pale hand to greet a friend or embrace a loved one. 

Poor blood flow often hits folks as they get older… 

But according to a 2014 study, Oligonol RELAXES your blood vessels… and IMPROVES blood circulation to your outer extremities. 

And better blood flow means more AGE-REVERSING Oligonol… delivered EXACTLY where you need it. 

Get Oligonol in supplement form or as a skin cream