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[CENSORED!] Facebook CRACKS DOWN on natural cures

It’s true. 

We’ve entered the MISINFORMATION age! 

One of the most popular websites used by seniors today has begun to censor what’s being called a “hotbed” of medical “conspiracy theories.

But what’s really going on here is the attempt to SUPPRESS and MINIMIZE natural cures!  

The technology company considers these pieces of health-related content “low-quality.”  

But NO ONE at ANY social media platform is qualified to say which health information is “accurate” or not. 

Leave that to the researchers and experts you can trust at quality institutions… 

NOT a website that’s allowed FAKE NEWS to run rampant.  

Here’s why you can no longer rely on “social networking” as a lifeline when conventional medicine fails you… 

And why you’ll NEVER stop being BARRAGED with ads from Big Pharma… no matter HOW dangerous their drugs are!  

No speech is free 

In 2018, Facebook took the liberty of DELETING dozens of its member pages… with ZERO warnings or notice.  

Its main target for the PURGE? 

Alternative health.  

And it didn’t stop there… 

Because the social media platform has just announced ANOTHER crackdown on “exaggerated or sensational health claims. 

Instead of deleting the pages – or the posts – this time, it will simply push their priority ranking WAY down.  

That means you may NEVER see an article about a potentially lifesaving cancer treatment in your newsfeed… because Facebook decided it was “bogus.”  

Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater! 

Because while Facebook BLACKLISTS all “miracle cures”… 

It’s cutting off your access to products that could actually make you feel BETTER! 

And for some folks who are GRAVELY ill, ANYTHING that improves their condition is a gift from God.  

But here’s the real punch in the gut… 

I GUARANTEE that if you were one of Facebook’s top advertisers… the tech giant would ACCEPT your money… no matter WHAT you were selling! 

Communities of cancer survivors coming together in Facebook Groups, however, only have the support of each other. 

They can’t bankroll “sponsored” or “boosted” posts. 

So, what’s MISLEADING isn’t the chatter among SICK PEOPLE trying to share what’s worked for them… 

It’s the PROFITEERING pharmaceutical companies that don’t give a HOOT if they make you SICKER! 

Just because a therapy isn’t a SYNTHETIC drug… concocted in a Big Pharma-funded laboratory… doesn’t mean it doesn’t WORK. 

No matter what sweeping judgments the human robots monitoring Facebook posts tell you! 

Now, there’s an important distinction here… 

Don’t trust any “home remedies” from “Karen” in Peoria or “Chris” in Des Moines. 

Rely on time-tested natural cures with THOUSANDS of years of human use across the globe – ones you read about from CREDIBLE sources, like right here in eAlert. 

LEGITIMATE researchers are burning the candle at both ends to bring you the biggest breakthroughs that modern science can offer 

And THAT’S the authority you should trust. 

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