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CRUSH colitis with this forgotten tribe’s fruit trick

Despite the MILLIONS of Americans suffering from IBD mainstream docs have NO IDEA how to cure it!  

Here you are… under ATTACK by your own immune system… doubled over in debilitating pain… and running to the closest toilet. 

And all THEY can do is shrug and say they’re sorry (if you’re lucky).   

For many, IBD – and one of the two major types, ulcerative colitis (UC) – is a lifelong disease. 

But you don’t have to waste ONE MORE minute being a SLAVE to bathroom breaks 

Because a superfruit that comes from a humble-looking shrub is here to RESCUE your REAR. 

And thanks to the forgotten Native American tribe that first found it… you can REVERSE your symptoms… and IMPROVE your disease

All you’ve got to do… is give it two weeks. 

Never be strapped to the toilet again 

Hundreds of years agoway before European colonists EVER set foot on American soil there was one Native American tribe that RULED the woodlands of the Great Lakes region 

You’ve probably NEVER heard of this tribe of “first farmers, the Potawatomi 

But they made some MAJOR strides in natural healing – ones that have been nearly LOST in the passage of time. 

Turns out, these “original people” (as they call themselves) uncovered an all-natural CURE for a type of inflammatory bowel disease known as ulcerative colitis. 

It was hiding in plain sight… in the forests of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. 

It’s called black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa), sometimes also known as “aronia or aroniaberry.” 

And the key is in how black chokeberry combats oxidative stress – a CRUCIAL step in reversing the symptoms of your UC. 

These sour, dark berries get their almost-black color from pigments known as anthocyanins 

Those are the same antioxidant compounds that make blueberries blue.  

But black chokeberries have FIVE TIMES the antioxidant activity of blueberries and cranberries…  

And their antioxidant power OUTPERFORMS such superfruits as pomegranates, cherries, and goji berries.  

Black chokeberries ALSO deliver when it comes to tamping down inflammation 

And thanks to that ONE-TWO PUNCH… research on animals has left ZERO question as to its effectiveness against colitis. 

In a 2017 study, South Korean researchers reported that chokeberry-treated mice with ulcerative colitis displayed DRAMATIC improvements in their disease, including: 

  • REDUCED diarrhea 
  • HEALTHIER body weight, and  
  • LESS bleeding “back there. 

And all it took was just 10 days.  

The key was in how chokeberry SLASHED levels of proteins notorious for causing inflammation  

Not only did the fruit extract work SIMILARLY to a pharmaceutical ant-inflammatory substance, called 5-ASA…  

But in many ways, chokeberry actually worked BETTER! 

At doses of 100 mg/kg, the treated mice showed greater improvements in overall disease score and more 

In a study published last year, researchers out of Bulgaria put chokeberry juice toe to toe with a mainstream IBD med that contains 5-ASA, called sulfasalazine (brand name Azulfidine). 

After just two weeks, UC-induced rats treated with chokeberry showed equivalent… or even GREATER… improvement, compared to the drug.  

Their colons were VISIBLY less inflamed… as were their tissue samples, when viewed under a microscope.  

To boot, the tannin content of chokeberry is what gives it its tart flavor and “drying” quality.  

It turns out that previous research has PROVEN the power of astringent agents – just like chokeberry – to improve colitis. 

If your stool is loose or watery… chokeberry can help dry it up.  

You can get chokeberry/aronia as a supplement… a concentrated juice… or in whole berry form (either fresh or frozen).  

The only known side effect comes from eating the berries uncooked…  

And that’s a puckered mouth!