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[Scam Alert] FAKE burgers belong in the GARBAGE… not on your plate!

Fake meat” has become all the rage… 

And that’s just the way Big Food planned it.  

They say it RIVALS… or is even BETTER than red meat.  

And they’re doing EVERYTHING to make it seem like it’s BETTER for you than real beef. 

It’s NOT. 

These food engineers have gone too far BEYOND the laws of nature 

Because their latest “cash cow” is SO PROCESSED… any of its “plant”-based ingredients have become UNRECOGNIZABLE! 

And even if you’re a lifelong carnivore… these plant purveyors have got you in their crosshairs.  

That’s why you’re finding these “meatless” meats in FAST FOOD joints like Burger King… and the most INDULGENT sit-down restaurants you can find. 

Don’t get sucked into this scam… 

Here’s EXACTLY what you need to know to say “No Thank You” to food FAKERY. 

Don’t get steered in the wrong direction 

Going “meat-free” is nothing new… 

As far back as the 6th century B.C., Buddhist monks lived a life of asceticism without meat. 

And we all remember how the hippies tried to save the planet by going vegetarian or vegan… and SHAMING meat-eaters. 

But the latest innovation in the never-ending plant-based food fad is meat MIMICRY 

It’s a dangerous ploy  

Folks with good intentions are FORKING over tons of money… just to FOOL their taste buds 

Beyond Burgers even “bleed” fake beef blood… thanks to a dash of beet juice hidden away somewhere inside of it. 

But you’re NOT saving calories 

And you’re chowing down on a NUMBER of problematic ingredients, including: 

  • UNHEALTHY oils (canola, sunflower, and refined coconut oils), and 
  • SUGAR-SPIKING starches (potato starch, modified food starch, and maltodextrin, typically made from corn, rice, potato starch, or wheat). 

You do have another option… 

But the Impossible Burger turns out to be even WORSE. 

It contains ALL the same “red flags” as the Beyond Burger – but with one TERRIFYING difference.  

It’s got GMO yeast that’s been injected with soy and fermented 

That’s how it gets its heme protein the ingredient that makes REAL meat taste like the genuine article 

In a SICK TWIST, this so-called “magic moleculeis the SAME protein that supposedly makes red meat BAD for you! 

The horror show doesn’t end there. 

The brand BOLDLY brags that it makes its products from genetically engineered ingredients…  

So, they’re clearly NOT organic 

You can only imagine how many pesticides have SOAKED those GMOs before they reach your bun.  

Listen, some “veggie” burgers have lots of healthy ingredients in them – from disease-fighting mushrooms to protein-packed quinoa and longevity-promoting legumes 

You can actually identify the plants in them as you’re taking a bite… and if you made your own, you’d know EXACTLY what’s in them. 

But the plant-based burgers that are PRETENDING to be meat are quite the opposite. 

You couldn’t make one at home if you tried! 

Ground beef has got its own problems – like low quality cuts of meat and the possibility of contamination during the “grinding” process. 

But at least it’s got ONE ingredient: BEEF. 

Even better, skip all the fixings and the bun… and get yourself a nice, grass-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free slab of steak from a local organic farm or butcher. 

Make it a once-a-week treat… and you’ll NEVER feel tempted to hit the drive-thru.