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Is this ‘ocean-diver secret’ a diabetes-destroying HOLY GRAIL?

If there’s one thing that all type 2 diabetics have in common… it’s their FAILURE to metabolize sugar normally.  

And that throws their glucose levels WAY off balance. 

If you’ve struggled to control your own blood sugar, you know what a NARROW MARGIN you’ve got to work with.  

The slightest slip in your diet can make your glucose SKYROCKET… and taking a diabetes med can make it PLUMMET. 

Even worse, these peaks and valleys can occur within MINUTES of each other! 

It’s time to hop off the rollercoaster.  

Because there’s a NATURAL blood sugar balancer that’s both SAFE and GENTLE… and that’s been used to beat diabetes since prehistoric times.

For the mainstream, this is truly uncharted territory 

And not JUST because it grows in an invisible underwater field on the ocean floor 

Beat diabetes… with a deep-sea carb blocker? 

On the island of Okinawa, Japan, the funny-looking green seaweed Caulerpa lentillifera is known as sea grapes. 

Its translucent green beads” have also earned it the nickname green caviar 

And it’s one of the healthiest delicacies that Japan has to offer. 

It’s most commonly found at the bottom of the ocean, as deep as 16 feet or more. 

In fact, the sea grape “forest” grows so thick… and so deep in the Pacific the sunlight almost NEVER reaches it. 

Special divers have to gear up to harvest it… practically in the DARK. 

The good news is that the effort has proven to be worth it – and not just because the Japanese LOVE the taste of their “caviar.” 

This type of algae may be the holy grail that diabetics have been SEARCHING for… 

The latest research shows that an extract from sea grapes can BLOCK the carbs you eat. 

That’s right – it can make refined starches and sugars DISAPPEAR once they pass your lips. 

And it’s in MUCH the same way as an ENTIRE CLASS of anti-diabetic drugs that have been cranked out by Big Pharma! 

But there’s one HUGE difference… 

When you take a drug to reduce the impact of carbo-loading on your blood glucose, you’ve got make a trade-off. 

In exchange, you could wind up with such side effects as gasdiarrheahepatitis… and hypoglycemia. 

In fact, the BIGGEST risk for most of these diabetes meds is blood sugar that drops TOO LOW.  

This salt-loving seaweed from Japan, however, beats back blood sugar woes in a far GENTLER fashion. 

According to a 2014 in vitro study out of Korea, it works in two key ways: 

  1. STIMULATING pancreatic beta cells to secrete insulin, and  
  2. ENHANCING glucose uptake in insulin-sensitive tissues, so you can USE the sugar for energy. 

That first mechanism is important, as diabetes is partially characterized by your body’s impaired ability to produce insulin 

And the second mechanism DIRECTLY accomplishes something that your body usually relies on insulin to do. 

Of course, if your tissues have begun to resist the effects of the insulin your body DOES produce, that glucose uptake will NEVER happen on its own.  

That’s where sea grapes come in…  

Because they can pick up the slack when your insulin is M.I.A.  

The result? 

LOWERED blood glucose… even after eating a meal.  

A 2015 animal study confirmed these results, and more… 

Researchers found that treated mice experienced significant improvements in: 

  • fasting glucose levels 
  • glucose tolerance, the “gold standard” measurement of type 2 diabetes 
  • glucose uptake, as measured by glycogen content in the liver 
  • blood plasma insulin levels, and  
  • insulin resistance 

In Asia, people eat sea grapes raw with vinegar, often in a salad 

But it’s such a delicacy, this seaweed isn’t found in most grocery stores in JAPAN… much less Japanese specialty stores in THIS country. 

In typical fashion, the suits in Corporate America have tapped into sea grapes as a potential CASH COW for the cosmetics industry. 

They’ll try to sell you pricey seaweed creams and masks for your face… 

But they’ll sweep the BONA FIDE health benefits of this seaweed under the rug. 

Stay on alert for sea grapes to become the next supplement craze. 

And in the meantime, you can try experimenting with other algae-based nutraceuticals with blood sugar-lowering effects. 

Two tried-and-true seaweed supplements include chlorella and spirulina.