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Kick cancer to the curb with this 2,000-year-old fruit trick

Cancer is rarely caused by any ONE factor – so, we can’t really expect any ONE treatment to cure it. 

The mainstream will throw a trio of traditional therapies at you… 

But using chemo, radiation, and surgery to RID yourself of cancer is like using a blowtorch to light a candle. 

You just may burn your entire house down. 

Fortunately, there’s something else you can try… 

It’s an ancient herbal formula that’s been a staple of Ayurveda for over 2,000 years 

In fact, this herbal remedy has got one of the LONGEST and most PROVEN track records throughout history.  

With THREE key cancer-fighting ingredients, the healers of India call it the greatest of all herbal blends. 

And it’s one of the most versatile, too.  

It’s been shown to TAKE DOWN colon, breast, oral, prostate, and gastric cancers – just to name a FEW.  

This formula’s components create a PERFECT STORM to SWEEP your cancer away! 

Conquer cancer with triple fruit force 

In Sanskrit – the language of Ayurvedic medicine — “Triphala churna” means “three fruit powder.   

Most formulations of triphala are comprised of the dried powders of three different fruits, in equal parts: 

  1. amla (Emblica officinalis) 
  2. haritaki (a.k.a. harada, Terminalia chebula) 
  3. bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica/belerica) 

Each of these fruits are known individually for their healing properties 

But it’s the COMBINED activity of triphala’s individual components that makes it one of the most exciting cancer fighters out there.  

It’s not JUST that one of its fruits, amla, has 20 TIMES more vitamin C than oranges 

Or that the combined content of such additional antioxidants as gallic acid, ellagic acid, and chebulinic acid make it a HERO when it comes to scavenging free radicals 

Throw in some powerful anti-inflammatory action… and that STILL doesn’t sum up the extent of triphala’s anti-cancer potential 

You need to protect against oxidative damage AND beat back inflammation to CONQUER cancer… 

But triphala takes it even a step FURTHER.  

The latest discovery out of India is that triphala appears to inhibit cancer cell division and multiplication through a very specific mechanism… 

It blocks a protein called tubulin. 

And that’s the EXACT same target that Big Pharma has developed several anti-cancer drugs to zero in on. 

Yet our domestic drug czars have IGNORED triphala… leaving legions of cancer patients DEPRIVED of a potentially lifesaving therapy.  

According to a 2014 study out of India, a simple oral rinse of triphala was powerful enough to REVERSE mouth lesions associated with the development of oral cancer. 

This gets better… 

Because in a 2015 in vitro study, triphala extract not only induced “cell suicide” (a.k.a. apoptosis) in human colon cancer stem cells… 

It also PULLED THE PLUG on their ability to spread. 

A 2012 study out of Thailand found that triphala can activate your immune system’s own ability to combat cancer by deploying T cells and natural killer (NK) cells 

This immune-stimulating response wasn’t shown in a lab dish or on rodents… but in PEOPLE! 

Yet the mainstream CONTINUES to insist that it’s not “proven.” 

How much more evidence do they need?! 

Fortunately, you don’t need THEM to get triphala. You can get it at your local health food store or online. 

You’ll want to choose a triphala powder that’s made from USDA-certified organic herbs and tested by a third party for quality control such as the one produced by Banyan Botanicals.  

Typically, you should take it on an empty stomach 

Be aware that triphala can have a laxative effect, as it’s often used as a natural “colon cleanse.”  

Then again, any cancer patient who finds themselves “backed up” as a result of their treatments might appreciate a little extra movement down there!