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Creepy ocean ‘weed’ RESETS your thyroid and sends your energy SOARING

You’re gaining weight… and losing steam. 

Tell your doc about your fatigue and weakness, and the first thing he’ll do is point at your neck.  

“Let’s check that thyroid…” he’ll say. 

But you may not need MORE thyroid hormones to get back on track… 

Because 40% of the world’s population is at risk of being deficient in an ESSENTIAL thyroid-balancing nutrient. 

And without it, your energy takes a NOSEDIVE 

Fortunately, there’s a superfood that can deliver EXACTLY what you need – with a catch. 

This nutrient powerhouse suffers from “Goldilocks Syndrome 

Which means you’ve got to get just enough of it… but not too much.  

Are you getting too little… or too much… of a good thing? 

One essential nutrient that’s CRUCIAL to balanced hormone production… and a thyroid gland that functions normally… is iodine. 

Unfortunately, our bodies don’t make iodine on their own… 

So we’ve got eat enough of it in our diets. (But not too much – more on that in a moment.) 

In this country, they’ve iodized our salt to pump more iodine into us. 

But in Japan, they go fishing… for “sea vegetables.” 

One of the most iodine-rich foods in the world is kombu (Laminaria japonica)a type of brown seaweed! 

Kombu has got the highest amount of iodine of ALL the seaweeds 

A 2011 study out of Japan found that supplementing with iodine-rich seaweed can RESTORE thyroid function in those who are deficient.  

But that’s not all that makes kombu a wonder kelp for folks with low thyroid function.  

It ALSO contains selenium.   

Now, selenium is an underappreciated and misunderstood mineral.  

It works in SYNERGY with iodine and it PROTECTS your thyroid gland from damage 

For your thyroid to function properly, your levels of BOTH selenium and iodine have got to be PERFECT.  

If thyroid hormone replacement therapy hasn’t worked for you in the past 

It’s because those hormones need to be ACTIVATED by selenium! 

Without this mineral, the effects of iodine deficiency could hit you even HARDER 

It’s all about getting JUST THE RIGHT balance.  

Now, it may take a leap of faith to try seaweed. We all remember a time when there was a serious “ick factor” associated with eating it. 

In fact, kombu has only been exported from Japan since the 1960s.  

Your local sushi restaurant may serve it dried or pickled… and your local health food store may sell it in dried sheets.  

It’s actually super tasty — a natural source of umami, the “fifth taste” in Asian cuisine  

You can also find it in powdered form… but that’s to be used as a seasoning, not a supplement.  

It is possible to go overboard and get an excess of iodine…  

So, start out slow and small.  

Eating too much kombu can have the OPPOSITE effect and actually SUPPRESS your thyroid function.  

Thankfully, the effect is reversible.