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Weird Mexican squash OBLITERATES cancer without shutting YOU down

If your doc told you that swallowing battery acid or lighter fluid would get rid of your cancer 

You wouldn’t hesitate. 

You’d grab a cup… and say “bottoms up!” 

It doesn’t matter that it’s POISON – as long as it ERASES any sign of a tumor. 

And that’s exactly what happens when you sign up for chemotherapy 

It’s a TOXIC “cocktail”… masquerading as a cancer CURE. 

Sure, it may kill off your cancer cells… 

But it’ll kill the REST OF YOU too!  

Even the healthy tissues that should be LEFT ALONE. 

The “holy grail” of cancer treatments would be something that attacks cancer and ONLY cancer. 

And the quest to find it has just gotten a MAJOR boost by researchers out of Mexico.  

Cancercuring fruit… turbocharged by 1000x? 

Chayote (Sechium edule) is a funny-looking kind of gourd that you’ll find as part of table centerpieces in Louisiana around Thanksgiving.  

Ancient Mayans of Mesoamerica used this pear-shaped fruit — a.k.a. pear squash” – all year long and helped spread its use throughout the Americas.  

You’ll find chayote growing in such far-flung lands as Indonesia and Australia 

But the most exciting cancer research with chayotes is being done in Mexico, where the fruit is called guatila or mirliton.  

This antioxidant powerhouse is PACKED with vitamin C and cancer-fighting flavonoids, such as apigenin and luteolin 

The chayote also contains terpene compounds known as cucurbitacins, which are known for their cytotoxic action against SEVERAL types of cancers 

Previous in vitro studies have shown that chayote extracts can stop cervical cancer cells in their tracks 

Yet unlike chemotherapy drugs, these plant extracts are SELECTIVE. 

They DON’T TOUCH healthy cells… making them toxic ONLY to cancer cells. 

This gets better… 

After more than a decade’s worth of research, Mexican researchers have developed a super chayote, whose extract is 1,000 TIMES STRONGER than any plain ol’ chayote on its own. 

They combined two wild Mexican chayote varieties: 

  1. S. edule var. virens levis 
  2. S. edule var. amarus silvestrys 

The extract from the resulting hybrid known as S. edule var. nigrum spinosum has shown to be SUPER-CHARGED when it comes to fighting cancer. 

Specifically, it OBLITERATED leukemia and bone marrow cancer cell lines in a lab dish.  

The chayote hybrid is SUCH a superhero when it comes to beating back cancer… it’s actually as effective as cytarabine, a chemotherapy drug used to treat leukemia and other blood cancers.  

There’s one BIG difference… 

Cytarabine damages BOTH healthy and cancerous cells EQUALLY.  

This new chayote extract works WITHOUT the side effects of cytarabine, which can include: 

  • nausea and vomiting 
  • loss of appetite 
  • weakness 
  • headache 
  • memory problems, including “chemo brain”  

Not only that, but blood cancer-suppressing drugs like cytarabine can keep your bone marrow from doing its job – including delivering oxygen, clotting, and protecting you from disease and infection! 

And when you’re battling cancer, the LAST thing you want to do is leave the door to your immune system WIDE OPEN. 

You can eat fresh chayote – it’s usually cooked, like summer squash, and served in keto-friendly meals.  

Creole chefs use it to make salad, pastries, and even wine. 

You can also take chayote supplements in capsule form… but the “super chayote” is not yet available commercially 

Keep your eyes open for it at your local health food store.  

To making good cures even better, 

Melissa Young 

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