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Beat back this ‘incurable’ chronic disease without drugs [PAIN-FREE by 2020!]

If you suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain, you might’ve already accepted DEFEAT. 

It’s not your fault that nothing has worked 

The mainstream has NO IDEA how to fix it! That’s why there’s STILL no cure for it. 

And in addition to your chronic, widespread pain you’ve got to try to overcome sleep troubles and mood issues, too. 

Over the long term, your quality of life takes a NOSEDIVE 

One of the WORST sources of this type of pain is fibromyalgia. 

If you’re an older gal, you know how this chronic inflammatory disease targets you and your friends… sending inflammation RAGING through your bodies 

This condition is too complex for any pill to be the “silver bullet” you’ve been praying for… 

Fortunately, there’s a non-invasive therapy that can beat back the pain… and make you feel BETTER… as long as you stick with it. 

Shake off the pain with THIS 

We only just STARTED to take whole body vibration therapy (or WBV for short) seriously about 15 years ago 

Before that, any talk of “good vibes” seemed like a chapter right out of the hippie handbook. 

But we’re not talking about tingling auras or anything metaphysical or celestial here… 

And this isn’t an exercise fad. 

It’s a type of physical therapy that you’ve probably NEVER tried… 

And once you do, you’ll NEVER want to stop! 

WBV involves standing, sitting or lying on a vibrating platform. It’s a lowimpact stimulation of your muscles, which stretch and contract in response to the vibration. 

Research has proven its positive results IN SPADES, including: 

  • CALMER nervous system, including pain perception 
  • STRONGER muscles 
  • RELAXED arteries and BETTER blood flow 
  • REDUCED stress and inflammation, and  
  • SHARPER reflexes. 

But there’s really only ONE benefit of vibration therapy you care about when you’ve got fibromyalgia… 

A significant reduction pain and fatigue.  

And in studies, the longer patients receive vibration treatment… the more their symptoms improve.  

You could experience SIGNIFICANT relief… after just SIX months! 

That’s a bona fide MIRACLE for fibromyalgia patients… who frequently NEVER feel betterno matter WHAT they do. 

Two of the most thoroughly tested WBV models are the Power Plate and Galileo Therapy devices.  

You can buy and use them on your own… but a physical therapist can make sure you get the BEST results possible 

The main differences between any WBV platform model is whether the waves are horizontal or vertical… the levels of amplitude and frequency… and whether or not the platform “tilts.” 

There is a warning 

Too much of the wrong kind of vibration can be hazardous to your health. 

But standing on one of these therapeutic platforms isn’t exactly like operating a jackhammer day in, day out.  

Now, WBV is just one type of “vibrotactile technology 

There are also tables and chairs that vibrate to musical rhythms… and they might feel good if you have fibromyalgia.