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Build your cancer BLOCKADE with this Southwestern wildflower

I don’t think there’s an American today who isn’t terrified of hearing the “C word” at the doctor’s office. 

But once you’re diagnosed with cancer, the fear doesn’t stop there… 

Because you can FIGHT cancer… and even BEAT it… as long as it STAYS PUT. 

The REAL battle begins when you find out your cancer is on the move. 

Don’t let it get to that point. 

Once you’ve got a tumor, you’ve got to pull out ALL the stops to keep it from taking over your body.  

Fortunately, there’s an herbal cure whose FIVE different roadblocks can put the FREEZE on the spread of cancer. 

Here’s how to FORCE your cancer to come to a SCREECHING HALT. 

Put cancer in its place with this tribal trick 

Navajo tea is the name of both an herb (Thelesperma megapotamicum) and an herbal beverage widely consumed among the indigenous peoples of the Americas. 

The drink is also known as greenthread” in North America, where it’s enjoyed by such tribes as the Navajo, Hopi, and Pueblo. 

To make it, they brew the dried leaves and yellow flowers of Navajo tea into a tea 

They harvest it from the wild on Indian reservations in the Southwest – where it grows by roadsides and on the plains and mesas of moderate elevations. 

Imagine being able to walk anywhere… or pull over in your car… and pick a fistful of flowers that could CURE your cancer! 

It could be true… 

Navajo tea is renowned for its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory actions – both of which are CRITICAL to beating back ANY disease, but especially cancer. 

But, as with many herbal remedies, we can’t attribute its cytotoxic effect to any SINGLE mechanism.  

Take the anti-cancer compound that’s found in Navajo tea, luteolin 

A 2018 review showed how luteolin can SLAM the brakes on breast cancer… and keep it from INVADING the rest of your body 

And it does this via at least FIVE key mechanisms: 

  1. SUPPRESSING the formation of new blood vessels in tumors (a.k.a. angiogenesis) 
  2. ARRESTING the secretion of inflammatory markers that encourage cancer cell migration 
  3. INTERRUPTING cell signals that trigger cancer’s spread 
  4. INHIBITING the ability of cancer cells to grow and multiply, even if they’ve already started metastasizing. 
  5. INDUCING “cell suicide” (a.k.a. apoptosis).  

That matches what we already knew about luteolin-rich Navajo tea… 

In a 2012 in vitro study out of Argentina (where Navajo tea is called “Pampa tea”), researchers showed how its extract can convince breast cancer cells to “off” themselvesand can KILL them directly. 

And I GUARANTEE you this… 

If researchers ever get the funding they need to REALLY look at how Navajo tea can beat back cancer… they’ll find that it gets its power from MORE than just luteolin. 

Although its flavor is similar to green tea, Navajo tea naturally contains ZERO caffeine 

You can find it in prepackaged teabags at your local health food store or online… or look for freshly-dried herbs on your next trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.