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Don’t let your doc BULLY you into taking BP meds [Use this instead]

Enough with the fear-mongering! 

It’s true that hypertension could damage your organs if left unchecked — in SEVERE cases. 

But most of us don’t have BP readings that are sky high… 

If your BP is truly high at all, it’s probably just a LITTLE higher than ideal for maintaining optimal health.  

But that tiny spike… even just a point or two above “normal”… is enough to get your doc salivating. 

He wants to put you on a drug to get your blood pressure as low as it can possibly go! 

That’s NOT what you need.  

It’s time for a kinder, gentler approach to managing hypertension… 

So, let’s make a toast to a tension-relieving tonic that’s TREASURED by cultures across the globe. 

PERFECT blood pressure… in just TWO weeks? 

There are many different species of the edible flower known as “hibiscus”… 

But the one that’s RENOWNED in the folk medicine practices around the world is Hibiscus sabdariffa, a.k.a. roselle. 

It’s one of the most popular ingredients in West African countries, especially for ceremonial, celebratory, and healthful beverages like: 

  • bissap, the national drink of Senegal 
  • soobolo in Ghana 
  • zobo in Nigeria. 

Descendants of West African ancestors found throughout the world sometimes keep it simple and just call itred drink.

A 2015 meta-analysis found that this variety of hibiscus could lower systolic blood pressure (your “top number”) by an average of 7 points… and your diastolic (or “bottom”) number by an average of 3 points. 

And you could see the effects in under TWO WEEKS. 

The mainstream thinks that doesn’t sound like much…  

But that’s because Big Pharma’s BP meds are SO aggressive, they often work TOO well… and lower your top and bottom numbers by TOO MANY points! 

Hibiscus, however, contains a number of BP-lowering nutrients whose effects are MODERATE: 

  • polyphenols like chlorogenic acid, which has been associated with improved blood vessel function. 
  • flavonoids like quercetin, which can increase your blood levels of nitric oxide and relax and widen your vessels, and anthocyanins, pigments with high antioxidant activity. 
  • vitamins, including the superior form of vitamin E, gamma-Tocopherol. 

When consumed as a tea, hibiscus has been shown to be AS effective as the BP-lowering drug Captopril 

There’s one BIG difference… 

While that drug (an ACE inhibitor) can cause side effects like chest painthirst… and even blood pressure that drops too low

Hibiscus has been shown to be PERFECTLY safe in moderate amounts! 

It may have a mild diuretic effect, which is often how pharmaceutical drugs lower your blood pressure… but with a much heavier hand. 

Hibiscus flowers are sold in bags in American health food stores, usually labeled “flor de Jamaica. 

You’ll also find hibiscus in supplement form… perhaps labeled as luo shen hua, its name in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Beware of hibiscus “juices” (called “jamaica” and pronounced with an “h” sound in Hispanic communities), teas with added sugar, syrups, candies, and even carbonated sodas.  

They may taste good… but they’re not good for you!