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RESCUE your failing heart by boosting this ‘energy molecule’

If you’re over 55, this could be the year when you’re among the annual 870,000 new cases of heart failure.  

When you turned 40, your chances of developing it at some point in your life were already 1 in 5 

And just over a decade from now, heart failure will have an estimated 8 million Americans in its grip. 

Only HALF of heart failure patients survive more than five years… 

But I’ve got a way for you to make sure you’re on the RIGHT side of the statistics. 

If you’re in the crosshairs for heart failure… or you care for someone who is… there’s a ‘metabolic hack’ you need to know about right away.  

‘Power up’ your heart… with sugar? 

When your ticker can’t pump enough blood to the rest of your body, it’s not just your heart that fails… 

It debilitates your vital organsessential tissues, and even your brain. 

And the longer it goes untreated… the worse it gets.  

If something has damaged your heart muscle, FAILURE isn’t inevitable.  

You can not only survive it… but actually IMPROVE your heart function. 

According to recent clinical trials, all you need is a simple sugar called D-ribose 

You see, heart failure is really just a kind of “energy crisis” in your cardiovascular system. 

It’s like your heart is pumping in SLOW MOTION… 

And you DESPERATELY need a jumpstart to get your motor running again… and achieve better pumping action  

D-ribose is actually a CRITICAL part of your genetic material, known as RNA. 

It works by helping increase your body’s supply of an “energy molecule” called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).  

That’s because your heart’s energy flow is DIRECTLY related to its pumping capacity! 

Now your heart muscles CAN produce D-ribose on their own… 

But in cases of heart failure, they fall behind… D-ribose and ATP levels fall… and your heart is DEPRIVED of energy 

When you REPLENISH your energy stores in the form of ATP… and your heart can finally tap into them… you’ll experience 

  • BETTER blood flow through your heart and body 
  • REDUCED workload on your ailing heart 
  • MORE EFFICIENT breathing, with improved lung function 
  • GREATER oxygen flow, delivery, and uptake. 

In turn, ENERGIZING your heart can REVERSE the most disabling symptoms of heart failure 

Including fatiguebreathing troublesand chest pain. 

And you can FORGET about those scary heart palpitations once and for all! 

Without being weighed down by your LACK of metabolic energy, you can REGAIN your independence… and get back to doing the things you love. 

While ribose is a simple sugar that does occur in some foods, you couldn’t possibly get enough of it from your diet to reverse a condition as severe as heart failure. 

You’ll have to take D-ribose supplements (also called ribose or Beta-D-ribofuranose). 

Studies have shown that doses ranging from 5 grams three times daily to 15 grams four times daily can be effective for those suffering from heart disease and failure.